Having to comply with the FDNY Five-Year Test can be done by having a fire sprinkler and standpipe system near your place of business in NYC.  At Allstate Sprinkler Corporation, they know that is one of the best ways to protect your property from the damage and inconvenience of a fire. To ensure the sprinkler system is in top shape during any case of an emergency, it is necessary to have your sprinkler system checked regularly.

Protecting your property in New York City during a fire is  a top priority for both the FDNY and all property owners, whether it’s a business or residence. The Five – Year sprinkler test is just one way the FDNY can ensure that all standpipe and sprinkler systems stay up-to-date. Even without an actual fire, smoke damage and cause irreparable expense to your commercial products housed in your warehouse or place of business.  With an actual fire, there is not only structural damage, but there could be loss of life too.

With AllState Sprinkler Corporation you can be certain you’re your sprinkler and standpipe system will be in order and to be sure to be ready for the five year test.

Through monthly, quarterly and annual inspections the professionals at AllState Sprinkler Corporation will keep you up to code and away from any expensive violations.

These regularly contracted inspections are your best insurance against any dangerous malfunctions, that could cause fire damage to your property.

Remember that sprinkler check-ups aren’t the only things you should keep up with for the five year test; at AllState Sprinkler Corporation, they want to  remind you that a fire-safety system in New York City has many parts that all need to be working at all times—after all, fire waits for no-one. Commercial entities, keep in mind that If you have a standpipe in the building, a building employee must obtain a certificate of fitness for the standpipe.

Our management staff at Allstate Sprinkler Corporation offers an unprecedented level of experience handling the preparation for the five year test as well as other sprinkler and standpipe needs. Allstate Sprinkler Corporation is a licensed Master Fire Suppression Contractor with the New York City building department. Providing our customers with cost-effective, professional and reliable service is our priority.Their hope is that you will contact them at 718-597-4060, and become a part of their family customer base!

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