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NFPA 25 Inspection Service in NYC

Searching for a reputable Fire Sprinkler Company near to your home or business may prove more difficult than you might think.

Realize that there are many companies out there which *claim* to be knowledgeable in all of the important codes and laws you are required to keep on top of – and it’s a very expensive lists of violations you can receive if they are not.

Don’t take that chance.  When in need of a reputable Fire Sprinkler Company near you, look no further than AllState Sprinkler.

Top Notch Fire Sprinkler System Installation, Testing and Repair Company

Whether installing or providing regular maintenance we can provide that extra confidence you need to be sure your business is safe and remains that way so that any inspection required – your business is covered. You can be confident in knowing that Allstate Sprinkler, LLC has faced every emergency scenario. Their vehicles are stocked with as many different sprinkler components that may assist in making a permanent or at least a temporary repair if material needs to be ordered. You can be assured of their professionalism and experience.

Allstate Sprinkler, LLC is recognized as one of the most reliable, responsive & respected fire sprinkler contractors in the metropolitan area.  As a full service organization Allstate Sprinklers LLC. is committed to assist you with all of your commercial and residential fire protection needs.

How our Process Works

We have over 50 years of industry experience delivering FDNY approved fire safety services to more than 5,000 buildings. We handle every aspect of the NFPA 25 Inspection so you can stay in compliance and avoid fines and violations. This is how our proven process works:

Step 1
Schedule a Consultation
Contact our office to schedule a consultation. One of our technicians will head to your location to evaluate your current system and provide you with a free quote.
Step 2
We Get to Work
Whether you received a violation that needs to be addressed or you just need your NFPA 25 inspection, we’ll create a customized plan that works for your needs.
Step 3
Feel Safe and Secure

We have customized computer software to assure that your facility is in compliance and that the inevitable fines and potential liability for not adhering to NFPA 25 can be avoided.

Fire Sprinkler Service in NYC

Services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Complete design-build abilities for the installation, alterations and repairs of both fire sprinkler and fire standpipe systems.
  • NFPA 25 inspection and testing services.
  • Local Law 26 evaluation and compliance.
  • Prompt correction of all FDNY violations.
  • 5- year hydro-static pressure tests of sprinkler and standpipe Siamese connections.
  • Emergency service and repairs.
  • Fire pump installations, testing and repairs.
  • Fire Extinguisher sales and re-charging and all fire safety related products and equipment.

At Allstate Sprinkler, LLC, they have vast experience in National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standard Law #25.  This law requires building owners to ensure their facility’s fire sprinkler system is capable of handling the storage arrangements present when a change in hazard level occurs.

Along with a well-trained staff of over 100 employees, Allstate Sprinkler, LLC has customized computer software to help assure that your facility is in compliance and that the inevitable fines and potential liability for not adhering to NFPA 25 can be avoided.

Allstate Sprinkler, LLC. are experts residential fire sprinkler systems. If you have any questions pertaining to the residential fire sprinkler systems in New York City, Manhattan, Long Island, NY, Brooklyn, NY, Queens, NY, Bronx, NY, or would like to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact our office today.

Installation, Repair, Inspection, Violation Correction
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Avoid costly damages to your building’s fire sprinkler, schedule your NFPA 25 inspection today.

Why Choose Allstate Sprinkler?

It’s a simple answer – we care like no other firm in NYC and have more experience than most. We prioritize YOUR needs and YOUR budget. Other fire sprinkler companies in NYC often cut corners, including:

  1. Hiring day workers who are not insurable and have little or no experience.
  2. Poor record-keeping.
  3. Failing to respond to violations on time

We receive positive reviews from building managers because we respond to their needs. Read our reviews and compare them to others. Transparency and keeping you informed is one of our proudest accomplishments.

    We are NYC’s leading fire sprinkler company for inspections, testing, repairs and installation:
    • Decades of experience and developing an outstanding reputation with the FDNY.
    • Awarded the New York Construction Legacy Award in 2016.
    • Bronx Business of the Year in 2012
    • All certification for all engineers and employees.
    • Consistent positive reviews from building managers.
    • Cutting-edge CAD technology to design your system.
    • All employees are full time, W-2 employees.

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