Fire Sprinkler Installation Repair & FDNY Violation Removal Westchester County

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Fire codes in Westchester County may require the installation, inspection, repair and maintenance of fire sprinklers systems which are specifically designed and engineered to extinguish, suppress or contain the spread of fire. Federal, State, OSHA, insurance companies and the County may enforce fire codes to protect its citizens from the danger that fire poses through proper installation, service and maintenance of fire sprinkler systems. Allstate Sprinkler Corp is the premiere choice when it comes to protecting your Westchester County buildings from fires.

Commercial building owners and managers know Allstate Sprinkler to be one of the leading fire sprinkler installation companies around New York, including Westchester County. Following the design and installation of your commercial fire sprinkler system, and approval and permitting of the plan by local fire department officials, our team of highly trained professionals will fully test your sprinkler system. As a part of the installation process, we will perform a variety of system safety tests on the sprinkler heads and piping system, leaving you with confidence in our ability to protect your assets around the clock.

Some of the services offered across Westchester County are:

Fire Sprinkler Installation

Fire sprinkler systems are among the most important safety components in a fire protection plan. It’s therefore essential that the right fire protection partner is chosen to design, install, repair, replace and maintain the system.

There are different types of fire sprinkler systems to meet your needs:

  • Pre-action sprinklers: Ideal for buildings with valuable art or public records. Water only travels through pipes when activated.
  • Wet pipe sprinklers: Great for high rise buildings and have low maintenance requirements. Water remains pressurized in pipes for rapid response when activated.
  • Dry pipe sprinklers: Best used in warehouses without temperature control methods. Pipe will never freeze or burst because of frozen water.

We are equipped to handle any size job from small stand-alone buildings to substantial integrated systems in high rise buildings. Extensive field training and experience assures that all local, state and national automatic fire sprinkler system standards – including NFPA 25 – are met during installation.

Fire Sprinkler Inspection

Fire sprinkler system inspections are crucial to your building’s safety, but also for compliance with local jurisdictions and insurance companies. Failing to properly inspect, test and maintain sprinkler systems may result in citations and fines, or worse.

Fire sprinkler systems need to be regularly tested and inspected per their described schedule according to the NFPA 25 standards, and any additional requirements or fire codes the County of Westchester may enforce. Allstate Sprinkler is a licensed fire sprinkler company serving New York. Certificates of inspection are issued verifying the installed fire sprinkler system is operational and in a state of readiness upon successful completion of monthly, annual,  five year tests and inspections

Many insurance companies may not cover damages caused by fire unless a company has documented that periodic checks and maintenance have been performed on their sprinkler systems.

Allstate Sprinkler offers quarterly and annual inspection services and can quickly and cost effectively eliminate any system defects or compliance issues.

Fire Sprinkler Repair

Your fire sprinkler is the single most important component of your building’s fire protection system, and having a routine fire sprinkler inspection is the best thing you can do to keep it working properly. But what happens when a fire sprinkler inspection turns up a problem? At Allstate Sprinkler, we provide fire sprinkler repair for any problems your fire sprinkler may run into, big or small. Don’t let a damaged fire sprinkler destroy your business. Our licensed professionals can ensure that your fire sprinkler system is in operating order and ready to protect you and your property. Some examples of issues needing repair:

  • Leaks from faulty or damaged pipes, seals or fittings.
  • Loose or broken sprinkler heads.
  • Repair of hangers, pipe, and fittings.
  • Repair the main drain.
  • Repair or replace fire pump.

Fire Sprinkler Violation Removal

If you received a fire sprinkler violation from the local fire department, it likely means your building’s sprinkler system has some issues which need to be addressed, or the inspection was not administered by a certified company. Unfortunately, the responsibility for violations like these falls solely on the building owner. You’ll want to call a qualified fire sprinkler repair service to address those issues. Allstate Sprinkler also performs detailed sprinkler tests, outside of FDNY inspections. Some of these include pressure testing to ensure the correct operation in the event of a fire.

Backflow Preventer Inspection

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) holds local water suppliers responsible for maintaining a certain level of purity in the potable water supply. State regulations and local municipalities require backflow preventers to be installed in most types of commercial properties to prevent the possibility of contaminated water from entering the city’s water supply.

A backflow preventer stops the water from flowing the wrong direction through the cross-connections. The standard backflow prevention device consists of a reduced-pressure principle assembly and a double check-valve assembly, so they both stop the water flow and lower the pressure. Since the local water supply is normally used for fire sprinklers, there is a requirement to have a backflow preventer installed and properly maintained and inspected on a regular basis.

An annual inspection of the backflow preventer by a certified backflow prevention inspector such as Allstate Sprinkler is required, as well as if the system is repaired, replaced, or relocated. Your fire sprinkler backflow prevention devices need to be tested and maintained to avoid costly NYC Dept of Environmental Protection (DEP) fines.

NFPA 25 Internal Pipe Inspections

Over time, the flow of water that feeds the fire sprinkler systems may get restricted or blocked because of obstructions in the water pipes from elements such as rust, slime and dirt. NFPA 25 requires an internal inspection of fire sprinkler system piping every five years. This requires inspecting for the “presence of foreign organic and inorganic material.” Foreign materials can cause obstructions in pipes and sprinklers.

There are three levels of internal pipe inspections, according to NFPA 25:

  1. Internal pipe inspection – this requires the opening of a flushing connection at the end of one main and removal of one sprinkler head near the end of a branch line. These openings are to be inspected for the “presence of foreign organic and inorganic material.”
  2. Internal pipe examination for ‘At-Risk’ Systems – NFPA 25 lists conditions in which this type of internal pipe exam is to be performed. This inspection requires internal pipe examinations at the following four points of a fire sprinkler system: system valve, riser, cross main, branch line.
  3. Obstruction investigation – This is to be performed if “foreign organic or inorganic material” is found during an internal pipe inspection. NFPA 25 provides the requirements to conduct obstruction investigations.

Westchester County

Facts About Westchester County

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About Westchester County

Westchester County is a county in the Hudson Valley.

  • Population (approx.): 1,000,000
  • County seat: White Plains.

Within Westchester County there are six cities, 19 towns, and 23 villages. The county seat is the city of White Plains, while the most populous municipality in the county is the city of Yonkers. The six cities in Westchester County are:

  • Mount Vernon.
  • New Rochelle.
  • Peekskill.
  • Rye.
  • White Plains.
  • Yonkers.

Local Sights and Things to Do

  • Caramoor Center for Music and the Arts.
  • Donald M. Kendall Sculpture Gardens.
  • The Emelin Theatre.
  • The Hudson River Museum.
  • Katonah Museum of Art.
  • Neuberger Museum of Art.
  • New Roc City.
  • Teatown Lake Reservation.
  • Westchester County Center.
  • Mianus River Gorge.

Local Transportation

Nearby Airports

  • Westchester County Airport (sometimes referred to as the White Plains Airport) is three miles northeast of White Plains.

Local Roads

With an intricate network of roadways, you can get across Westchester County pretty easily.

  • Cross County Parkway.
  • Hutchinson River Parkway.
  • Riverdale Ave Arterial.
  • Memorial Highway.
  • Midland Avenue.
  • Putnam Avenue.
  • Saw Mill River Parkway.
  • Nepperhan Ave Arterial.
  • Yonkers Avenue.
  • Bear Mountain Parkway.
  • Yonkers Avenue.
  • East Spur 684I.
  • Sprain Brook State Parkway.
  • Taconic State Parkway.


  • Bus service is provided by the Bee-Line Bus System.
  • The MTA Bus Company runs to and from Getty Square

Towns in Westchester County

Ardsley, Bedford, Briarcliff Manor, Bronxville, Buchanan, City of Yonkers, Cortlandt, Croton on Hudson, Dobbs Ferry, Eastchester, Elmsford, Greenburgh, Harrison, Hastings on Hudson, Irvington, Larchmont, Lewisboro, Mamaroneck, Mount Kisco, Mount Pleasant, Mount Vernon, New Castle, New Rochelle, North Castle, North Salem, Ossining, Peekskill, Pelham, Pleasantville, Port Chester, Pound Ridge, Rye, Rye Brook, Scarsdale, Sleepy Hollow, Somers, Tarrytown, Tuckahoe, White Plains, Yorktown.

Schools & Parks

Local Parks

  • Alfred B. DelBello Muscoot Farm.
  • Blue Mountain Reservation.
  • Bronx River Parkway Reservation.
  • Cranberry Lake Preserve.
  • Croton Gorge Park.
  • Croton Point Park.
  • Edith G. Read Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • Kensico Dam Plaza.
  • Kingsland Point Park.
  • Kitchawan Preserve.
  • Lasdon Park, Arboretum and Veterans Memorial.
  • Lenoir Preserve.
  • Ward Pound Ridge Reservation.
  • Willson’s Woods Park.

Local Sports Arenas and Clubs

  • City Park Stadium.
  • Fleming Field.
  • Huguenot Yacht Club.
  • Hynes Athletic Center.
  • Larchmont Yacht Club.
  • Mazzella Field.
  • Yonkers Raceway.

Universities & Colleges

  • Berkeley College.
  • College of New Rochelle.
  • The College of Westchester.
  • Columbia University.
  • Concordia College.
  • Sarah Lawrence College.
  • Iona College.
  • Long Island University.
  • Manhattanville College.
  • SUNY Empire State College.
  • Westchester Community College.
  • Mercy College.

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