Fire Sprinkler Systems for High-Rise buildings require careful installation and proper maintenance to ensure that they perform when needed.

AllState Sprinkler Corporation is dedicated and experienced in installations of High-Rise Building Sprinkler Systems in the entire tristate area.

There are complex building structures throughout New York City and with the New York City Building and Fire Departments’ strict requirements, High-Rise Building Sprinkler System design is a highly distinctive business. At Allstate Sprinkler Corporation, they meet all the qualifications to design a cutting edge fire sprinkler system that is specific to your High-Rise building.

AllState Sprinkler Corporation uses any 0f their proven products for High-Rise Sprinkler installation systems to develop a personalized sprinkler system design for your unique structure. They have the technology to perform and calculate hydraulic requirements and generate a materials list from a set of drawings. Safety with chosen equipment is never a concern because AllState Sprinkler Corporation vehicles and job-site “gang” boxes contain the most modern tools and technology so that they can perform all parts of the installation process, including threading, grooving and welding in a safe and accurate manner.

At Allstate Sprinkler Corporation, they  have the experience in both the technical aspects as well as legal requirements for fire sprinkler systems. Every property or business owner in NYC wants a safe place for their occupants, AllState Sprinkler Corporation understands that keeping up with all the legal codes and regulations can be a difficult task on top of everything else. That’s why they provide you with peace of mind knowing all your High-Rise fire sprinkler needs are in the hands of top experts.

Local Law 26 mandates retroactive requirements for fire sprinkler systems. What this means for you and your office building that is 100 feet or more in height is, that your company must install sprinklers throughout the building and submit a certificate of compliance prepared by an architect or engineer to the Department of Buildings by July 1, 2019.

Let Allstate Sprinkler Corporation help in making sure your property is up to compliance. With our strong expertise and a knowledgeable staff, your High-Rise fire sprinkler system will be properly taken care of every time.

Allstate Sprinkler Corporation are the “go-to” experts in High-Rise Fire Sprinkler Systems.  If you have any questions regarding a fire sprinkler systems installations, 5-year sprinkler test, commercial sprinkler systems, residential fire sprinkler systems, hydrostatic pressure testing, or fire sprinkler testing in Westchester, Long Island, the Bronx, Brooklyn,  Manhattan, Staten Island or Queens,  please contact Allstate Sprinkler Corporation  at (718) 597-4060.

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