There are plenty of special considerations to know when it comes to installing residential fire sprinklers in NYC. Keeping things up to code and safe in a crowded metropolitan area is incredibly important. But how do you know that the company and person installing your sprinkler system is qualified?

That’s where Allstate Sprinkler Corp. comes in. We are the leader in fire safety inspection and installation of residential fire sprinklers in NYC. Our qualified technicians know exactly what it takes to keep your home and family safe. That’s why we’re the leading installer of residential fire sprinklers in New York City.

Installations, Repairs, and Inspections All From One Expert Team

Residential Fire Sprinklers in NYCAllstate Sprinkler Corp. isn’t just an expert in installing residential fire sprinklers in NYC. We also know exactly what laws you’ll need to observe and what codes you’ll need to be up to. We have extensive knowledge and long experience with keeping families safe from fire in New York. That means you can rely on us when it comes to the people most important to you.

Our reputation as the best installer of residential fire sprinklers in New York City comes from years of expertise and hundreds of satisfied customers. They know that they can depend on our residential fire sprinklers in NYC. When you schedule an installation with Allstate Sprinkler Corp., you’ll be joining our group of satisfied clients. They can personally testify about the quality of our products and the ease of our installation of residential fire sprinklers in NYC.

A Reputation of Expertise From Hundreds of Happy Customers

Each of our 100 service technicians is fully trained to inspect, install, and repair residential fire sprinklers in NYC. That’s why you can feel at ease with any tech who comes to serve you. No matter what your needs are with your fire safety system, the techs from Allstate Sprinkler Corp. can help. Our team will make sure your system is functional, up to code, and ready to protect you and your family.

Make sure that you’re protected from fire hazards in the city. If you need residential fire sprinklers in NYC, contact Adam at Allstate Sprinkler Corp at 718-597-4060 or

For the best, most economically sensible residential fire sprinkler systems in Brooklyn you’ve found the best resource in AllState Sprinkler, Corporation.

Not only do they have an incredible staff, experienced in all matters of residential fire sprinkler systems but they have all of the right tools and equipment that can handle any installation, any repairs that may be needed.

AllState Sprinkler knows that the FDNY has a very quick response time in Brooklyn, but AllState Sprinkler Corporation wants you to know that even with that assurance, it doesn’t mean that in the time it takes someone to dial 9-1-1 that the damage to your property and life can’t be irreversibly altered.

Never-mind issues like traffic , road construction detours and just simple distance. Consider that when the fire house is relatively close to your home, it can still take a harrowing amount of time for the FDNY to arrive at your home. If a fire is burning unchecked, there can be extensive property damage or even loss of life before the engines reach you.

Even if you’ve done all you can to prevent a dangerous fire like that, the key to limiting the property damage, injury or even loss of life is to hinder the fire from spreading. AllState Sprinkler, Corporation advises using a top notch residential fire sprinkler system to extinguish the flames as soon as possible.  You can have a big hand in saving your Brooklyn home by reaching out to the professionals at AllState Sprinklers, Corporation.

AllState Sprinklers has over 100 employees who are trained and certified to perform and protect the buildings in Brooklyn as well as servicing their customer base with an outstanding knowledge of top of the line products. They have been in business for over 40 years, with a mission to build a distinguished and financially strong company whose high standard of excellence is favored among employees, clients and the community they serve.

AllState Sprinkler Corporation also wants you to keep in mind that if you already have a sprinkler system in place, they can do a thorough check to make sure it is up to code. If it isn’t and you are in need of an upgrade to be in compliance,  they can install a more modern system for you. Similarly, if you have an older building  without of a sprinkler system, they can  retrofitting a system too.

Allstate Sprinklers Corporation are residential fire sprinkler systems experts. If you have any questions pertaining to the residential fire sprinkler systems  available in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Long Island, NY, Queens or The Bronx Contact AllState Sprinkler Corporation an schedule a complimentary consultation. You can do so by calling  AllState Sprinklers Corporation at at (718) 597-4060.

If you are in need of fire department sprinkler testing in New York City look no further then Allstate Sprinkler Corp. We understand that fire sprinkler testing is extremely important and we are here to get the job done properly. We have over 100 employees on staff that are trained and knowledgeable in the field.

Fire Department Sprinkler Testing in New York City

Residential and Commercial Fire Department Sprinkler Testing

At Allstate Sprinkler Corp. we know that fire department sprinkler testing can be a time sensitive matter. If you or your business have been served a fire department sprinkler violation in New York City, you’ll need a specialist in fire sprinkler testing to bring all of your equipment up to code right away to avoid any additional fines. We are experts in fire sprinkler testing and fire sprinkler inspections throughout New York City.

We make it our duty to provide the best fire sprinkler testing throughout all of New York City and Staten Island. Our goal is to eliminate any safety concerns or fire code violations for you or your business. We use a series of tests to determine that any newly installed or previously existing fire sprinkler equipment operates to all safety standards. In addition, we also check the water supply as well.

Five Year Hydrostatic Sprinkler Testing

At Allstate Sprinkler Corp., we perform 5-year hydrostatic pressure tests throughout BronxBrooklynManhattanQueens, and Staten Islandon a daily basis in connection with Fire Department personnel. Five year hydrostatic pressure tests can be life-saving procedures. These tests simulate actual fire department events that take place during a fire. We perform these tests as accurately as we can in order to assure that your sprinkler system will always be ready and functioning in the event of a fire.

Why You Need Fire Sprinkler Testing in New York City

As of 2012, the National Fire Protection Association put a new law into effect in New York. This law requires all business owners to have their fire safety equipment inspected, tested, and serviced at set time intervals by a licensed individual or company. These requirements are significantly more rigid than businesses may have been used to before the law passing, but failure to keep up with these inspections can result in substantial fines and losses for you or your company.

You don’t have much time to react when a fire starts, especially in a residential building in New York City. It doubles in area every three seconds. While different materials have different combustion times, the determining factor is the fire’s temperature which correlates to how long it has been burning. Due to the variety of materials found in residential structures and the toxic gases that each type of material produces when burning, breathing the smoke can result in loss of life before the fire is visible. Fire damage to lungs and other organs can result in a fatal injury in 3-5 minutes. That’s why it’s important to install residential fire sprinkler systems in New York City with the professionals at Allstate Sprinkler Corp.

Fire department response times

Even if you have an alarm system that dials the fire department automatically, there is a lag between the time the fire begins to ignite and the time the alarm goes out. If someone on the scene has to call 911, even if it is you, by the time the fire is discovered, it will already be well into its timeline.

Generally, fire department personnel have a “wheels rolling” call response time of one to two minutes. That is the length of time it takes to receive the call, get into their gear, jump into their stations on the trucks, start the engine on the fire trucks, and pull out of the fire house. Once they leave, they are at the mercy of traffic, road configurations, road conditions and distance. Even when the station is close to your home, it can take a substantial amount of time for them to arrive on scene. As you can tell from our timeline, if the fire is burning unchecked, there can be extensive property damage or even loss of life before the engines reach you.

The key to minimizing property damage and injury or loss of life is to slow down or extinguish the flames as soon as possible in your home in New York City.

Don’t put your life at risk. Allstate Sprinklers Corp offers FREE estimates for residential fire sprinkler systems in New York City. Contact us at (718) 597-4060.