There are plenty of special considerations to know when it comes to installing residential fire sprinklers in NYC. Keeping things up to code and safe in a crowded metropolitan area is incredibly important. But how do you know that the company and person installing your sprinkler system is qualified?

That’s where Allstate Sprinkler Corp. comes in. We are the leader in fire safety inspection and installation of residential fire sprinklers in NYC. Our qualified technicians know exactly what it takes to keep your home and family safe. That’s why we’re the leading installer of residential fire sprinklers in New York City.

Installations, Repairs, and Inspections All From One Expert Team

Residential Fire Sprinklers in NYCAllstate Sprinkler Corp. isn’t just an expert in installing residential fire sprinklers in NYC. We also know exactly what laws you’ll need to observe and what codes you’ll need to be up to. We have extensive knowledge and long experience with keeping families safe from fire in New York. That means you can rely on us when it comes to the people most important to you.

Our reputation as the best installer of residential fire sprinklers in New York City comes from years of expertise and hundreds of satisfied customers. They know that they can depend on our residential fire sprinklers in NYC. When you schedule an installation with Allstate Sprinkler Corp., you’ll be joining our group of satisfied clients. They can personally testify about the quality of our products and the ease of our installation of residential fire sprinklers in NYC.

A Reputation of Expertise From Hundreds of Happy Customers

Each of our 100 service technicians is fully trained to inspect, install, and repair residential fire sprinklers in NYC. That’s why you can feel at ease with any tech who comes to serve you. No matter what your needs are with your fire safety system, the techs from Allstate Sprinkler Corp. can help. Our team will make sure your system is functional, up to code, and ready to protect you and your family.

Make sure that you’re protected from fire hazards in the city. If you need residential fire sprinklers in NYC, contact Adam at Allstate Sprinkler Corp at 718-597-4060 or

In need of fire sprinkler system installation in Nassau County? Allstate Sprinklers Corp. have been experts in the field of fire prevention for over 40 years. They are the reliable team that can install a fire system in a timely and efficient manner to put your mind at ease in case of an accidental fire to your home or business in Nassau County.

Fire Sprinkler Systems Installation in Nassau County

Safety and security of homes or businesses in Nassau County is an issue that must be paid special attention. Besides installing burglar alarms and other security equipment, there must also be protection from the threat of a spark. A small burn can become formidable in a matter of minutes and blaze down commodities worth thousands to millions of dollars stored in the warehouse or precious items in a home. Immensely valuable lives are also at stake!

More about Fire Sprinklers

When programmed to turn on automatically, these burn sprinklers react almost instantaneously on any incidence of smoke, burn, spark, flames or heat. Furthermore, most modern day fire sprinklers are designed to react to temperatures in each individual room. One of the finest marvels of technology, these sprinkler systems are immensely effective in reducing the damage caused by burn at commercial and residential buildings.

Compared to other burn extinguishers, modern fire sprinkler system are environmentally-friendly and highly effective. These systems do not require enormous water to cease the burn. Moreover, they costs roughly 1% of the total cost of the building. Precisely, fire sprinkler system installation in Nassau County is a prudent investment towards ensuring the security and safety of a residential or commercial building.

It’s more than just installation

By having a fire sprinkler system, you may be able to save up to 20% on your fire insurance premiums in Nassau County. Fire sprinkler installation is just one aspect of safeguarding your home from the threat of fire. You need to ensure regular fire sprinkler system maintenance, testing and repair to ensure that the fire sprinkler system is in perfect serviceable condition at all times.

Types of fire suppression systems

  • Wet / Dry systems
  • Preaction sprinkler systems – Single / Double Interlocked
  • Rack storage systems
  • ESFR (Early Suppression Fast Response) sprinkler systems
  • Roof and ground storage tank installations
  • Special hazard systems
  • Underground fire lines
  • Centrifugal and vertical fire pump installations and upgrades