Something patients never want to hear about, and they won’t have to for all of the major hospitals that have called on AllState Fire Sprinklers Corporation for any of their NYC Hospital Sprinkler Violations they have received.

It is something more common than first thought. But knowing that a NYC hospital’s first priority tends to deal directly with patients – something like local ordinances and rules in NYC can sometimes get overlooked.  That is where the experience at AllState Fire SprinklersCorporation comes in handy.

Crucial to keeping on top of these , regular inspections by AllState Fire Sprinkler Corporation will keep your hospital out of the red with the local authorities.



AllState Fire Sprinkler Corporation perform 5-Year hydro-static pressure tests on a daily basis with Fire Department personnel. Their testing crews work on sprinkler and standpipe systems – supplied by either a gravity tanks, pressure tanks or street level city water supplies.

Their office support staff will make every attempt to make answer your violations timely. The scheduling of these tests is handled directly with the Fire Department’s appointment desk.

Five-year hydro-static pressure tests are life-saving procedures. These tests simulate actual fire department events that take place during a fire. They perform these tests as accurately and diligently to assure you that your sprinkler system will always be fire ready

Allstate Sprinkler Corporation is recognized as one of the most reliable, responsive & respected fire sprinkler contractors in the New York City metropolitan area. As a full service organization they are committed to assist you with all of your commercial and residential fire protection needs. Their services include, but are not limited to the following: complete design-build abilities for the installation, alterations and repairs of both fire sprinkler and fire standpipe systems; NFPA 25 inspection and testing services; Local Law 26 evaluation and compliance; prompt correction of all FDNY violations; -5- year hydro-static pressure tests of sprinkler and standpipe siamese connections; emergency service and repairs; fire pump installations, testing and repairs; fire extinguisher sales and recharging; and all fire safety related products and equipment.


For all of your New York City Fire Codes compliance issues, remember that Allstate Sprinkler Corporation are also experts in fire department sprinkler testing in New York City.  If you have any questions regarding a fire sprinkler systems installations, 5-year sprinkler test, commercial sprinkler systems, residential fire sprinkler systems, hydro-static pressure testing, or fire sprinkler testing in the Bronx, Brooklyn,  Manhattan, Staten Island or Queens,  please contact Allstate Sprinkler Corporation  at (718) 597-4060.