There are a lot of special considerations when it comes to installing a supermarket fire sprinkler system. Supermarkets carry a lot of inventory and have a high traffic rate. So it’s imperative that you have everything you need to keep your space safe.

Supermarket Fire Sprinkler SystemWhat is also important when you’re looking for a company to install your supermarket fire sprinkler system? Finding a company that has experience in large-scale commercial fire system installation. That’s why Allstate Sprinkler Corp. is the best choice for your supermarket fire sprinkler system.

Our Experience Makes Us the Best

At Allstate Sprinkler Corp., we know all about what it takes to install systems to protect large commercial buildings. We have decades of experience. When you hire us to install your supermarket fire sprinkler system, you can be sure that it will not just be safe but also completely up to code.

Our fire safety systems are held to rigorous standards for one reason alone: We care about keeping you safe. We know what it takes to keep your homes protected, but we also have experience working with structures of every size. Every supermarket fire sprinkler system we install is in accordance with standard #13 of the National Fire Protection Association and all requirements of New York City.

Designing a Fire Safety System That Will Keep You Safe

Maybe you are not looking to install a new supermarket fire sprinkler system. Perhaps you are looking for a company that can give you the necessary inspections. Allstate Sprinkler Corp. can provide a full inspection of your supermarket fire sprinkler system to make sure everything is up to code and ready to keep your customers and employees safe.

We also know that every supermarket fire sprinkler system is not the same — there’s no one-size-fits-all. That’s why we take into account all the needs of your building and your business. Our goal is to make sure that everyone in your store stays safe in a time of crisis.

If you need to install a new supermarket fire sprinkler system — or have an existing one inspected — contact Adam at 718-597-4060 or

Every commercial and private building needs an adequate fire protection system. But the hospitality industry is another game entirely. With large buildings containing hundreds of staff and guests, there are many special considerations to be made. Housing large groups, your facility needs an efficient way to keep people safe in an emergency situation. That’s why fire protection for the hospitality industry is so important.

Fire Protection for the Hospitality IndustryThe hospitality industry encompasses four main sectors: restaurants, hotels, recreation, and tourism, and has many subsections. But they have something in common. They all use large, often complex buildings and involve hundreds of people. That’s the unique challenge about fire protection for the hospitality industry. It’s vital to make sure people can evacuate safely with adequate measures in place.

Why We Are the Best for Fire Protection for the Hospitality Industry

Allstate Sprinkler Corp. has years of experience providing fire protection for the hospitality industry. We know what it takes to keep people safe when they are out for a night on the town. No matter what kind of business you have, you deserve the best in fire protection for the hospitality industry.

We also provide the best fire protection for the hospitality industry for every need. Whether you need a preaction fire sprinkler system or an early suppression fast response system, we can advise and provide you with all the right equipment for your business.

How Our Experience Keeps You Safe

That’s not all that Allstate Sprinkler Corp. does for fire protection for the hospitality industry. If you have an existing fire protection system in place, we can also provide thorough inspections. With our team’s trained eye, you’ll be certain that your business is up to all the necessary codes to keep your employees and customers safe. That’s why Allstate Sprinkler Corp. has a reputation for providing the best fire protection services.

When it comes to protecting your business and customers, you know that you need the best. If you want to find out more about our solutions for fire protection for the hospitality industry, contact Adam at 718-597-4060 or

Any public building needs to have its own fire protection system. Both legally and by the laws of common sense, it’s a non-negotiable. When it comes to strip malls and other large buildings, however, there are special considerations to be made. That’s why Allstate Sprinkler Corp. has all the services you need to install the best strip mall fire protection systems.

Strip Mall Fire Protection SystemsAt Allstate Sprinkler Corp., we know all about what it takes to install large-scale, commercial fire alarms and sprinklers. That’s why we are the leading installer of strip mall fire protection systems in the region. When it comes to protecting large spaces for big crowds, we know exactly what you need to keep people safe as well as pass your fire inspection.

Customizing Your Strip Mall Fire Protection Systems

When you’re considering your options for strip mall fire protection systems, Allstate Sprinkler Corp. has your back. We install all our systems according to standard #13 of the National Fire Protection Association. We also rigorously vet all our installations to make sure they are up to code with the New York City Building and Fire Department. This attention to detail makes Allstate Sprinkler Corp. the best installer of strip mall fire protection systems in New York.

Strip mall fire protection systems are more than just sprinklers mounted on the ceiling. We carry a huge range of equipment that’s perfect for your building’s needs. Maybe you need an early suppression fast response sprinkler system or a special hazard system. Whatever your building’s safety requirements, you can depend on getting the best in fire protection.

Why Allstate Is the Leader in Strip Mall Fire Protection Systems

Our team at Allstate Sprinkler Corp. receives extensive training and is constantly learning about new technologies that make it even easier to keep your building safe. That’s why you can depend on us for the installation of the best strip mall fire protection systems that feature the most cutting-edge technology in the industry.

If you want to learn more about installing the best strip mall fire protection systems for your building, contact Adam at 718-597-4060 or

Fire sprinkler system repair in NY is nothing to mess around with. Living conditions in the city mean crowded, shared facilities — and that means you need to know you are protected against fire. But sprinkler systems don’t last forever. You need to make sure you get them regularly inspected and, of course, repaired. That’s why you need the best fire sprinkler system repair in New York.

Fire Sprinkler System Repair in NY That You Can Trust

Fire Sprinkler System Repair in NYAllstate Sprinkler Corp. can help. Our expert technicians complete a full apprenticeship before signing on. That means they know exactly what it takes to keep your fire protection system in top condition. When you need a fire sprinkler system repair in New York, we know exactly what to do. That’s why we’ve gained the reputation as the top provider of fire sprinkler system repair in NY.

Allstate Sprinkler Corp. was once a humble small-time business with just a few employees. Nowadays, the company has expanded into a highly-respected business with more than 100 employees. These employees are all leading experts in fire sprinkler system repair in NY.

Providing Expertise That Keeps You Safe

Allstate Sprinkler Corp. knows all about the fire codes and laws that are mandated for home fire protection systems in New York. In fact, we are the leading provider of fire sprinkler system repair in NY. We don’t just provide great fire sprinkler system repair in NY proper — we also serve residences all through Westchester County, Suffolk County, Nassau County, the Lower Hudson Valley, and parts of New Jersey.

When we perform inspections at your residence, we guarantee safe and professional repairs. We can provide all the products and services you need to stay safe — whether this means a fix of your sprinkler or standpipe system or a repair of any fire code violations. We even provide emergency repairs that you can access via a live answering service.

If you need fire sprinkler system repair in NY, you are in good hands. Contact Adam at Allstate Sprinkler Corp. at 718-597-4060 or to get our expert repair services in good time.

If you live in the city, there’s nothing more important than getting regular fire sprinkler testing in NY. Living in a metropolitan area means that fire safety is absolutely vital. An errant fire could put not just your family, but also your neighbors in danger. Of course, you want to make sure your home is safe too.

When it comes to fire sprinkler testing in NY, you need to make sure you get the absolute best. Quality and expert installation could make all the difference in keeping you and your family safe. That’s why you should contact Allstate Sprinkler Corp.

The First Choice for Fire Sprinkler Testing in NY

Fire Sprinkler Testing in NYAllstate Sprinkler Corp. is the leading expert in fire sprinkler testing in NY and all over the Hudson Valley region. Our team of more than 100 professionals has a huge amount of expertise in inspecting, installing, and repairing residential fire safety systems. That’s why we’ve gained a reputation as the best provider of fire sprinkler testing in New York — with the most prompt and professional services in the industry.

When we perform your fire sprinkler testing in NY, we’ll leave you with the best and most protective fire safety system in your home. We’ll bring new pipes and fittings, as well as all the leading industry equipment. In the end, you’ll have a fire safety system that’s safe and up to code.

Combining Customer Service With the Best Fire Sprinkler Testing in NY

When it comes to fire sprinkler testing in NY, we will leave the job done with the safest and best sprinkler system available. Allstate Sprinkler Corp. is recognized by the New York City building department as a Master Fire Suppression Contractor. Our service techs are knowledgeable and experienced. With Allstate Sprinkler Corp., you can expect the best fire sprinkler testing in New York with the best customer service.

After all, we recognize that our job is your safety! If you need fire sprinkler testing in NY, contact Adam at Allstate Sprinkler Corp. at 718-597-4060 or

When shopping for retail fire systems, your search shouldn’t take you further than “AllState Sprinkler Corporation” because they really are the best at what they do.

Know that work done by AllState Sprinkler Corporation is designed and installed in strict accordance with the rules and regulations of the national Fire Protection Association’s  Standard #13 as well as all of the local building and Fire Department requirements.

AllState Sprinkler Corporation installs, inspects and repairs wet/ dry systems, single/double interlocked Pre-action sprinkler systems, Early Suppression Fast Response sprinkler systems, roof and ground storage tank installations, underground fire lines, fire pump installations and upgrades.

The highly trained staff at AllState Sprinkler Corporation participates in continual training through the American Fire Sprinkler Association apprenticeship programs and other organizations to ensure our technicians are always trained in the latest technologies available.

As a customer, you can count on a retail fire system installation to be planned out completely. AllState Fire Sprinkler company vehicles and on-site preparation contain the most modern tools and equipment in order to perform the installation process of threading, grooving and welding in a safe and accurate manner.

Your Retail Fire System job by AllState Sprinkler Corporation isn’t only their highly professional installations, but regular maintenance is a service AllState Sprinkler Corporation provides along with any repairs that may need to be done over time  – making certain that your equipment is working at its absolute best at all times.

Retail Fire Systems or anything else related to fire safety, AllState Sprinkler Corporation is your best choice. Some of the many services provided by AllState Sprinkler Corporation include:

  •  All fire safety products and equipment.
  •  Fire pump testing and installations.
  •  Complete installations and alterations of fire sprinkler and standpipe systems.
    •    Prompt correction of all fire department violations
    •    Five year hydrostatic pressure tests, emergency service and repairs
    •    Fire extinguisher sales and service

The commitment is to assist you with all of your commercial fire protection needs as you are retail shopping for Sprinkler systems, just keep AllState Sprinkler Corporation in mind.  If you think there may be a problem with your sprinkler system, contact  at AllState Sprinkler Corporation, and we will send in the best of the best to help you fix you system as quickly as possible. Call them at: 718.597.4060.

If you are in need of fire department sprinkler testing in New York City look no further then Allstate Sprinkler Corp. We understand that fire sprinkler testing is extremely important and we are here to get the job done properly. We have over 100 employees on staff that are trained and knowledgeable in the field.

Fire Department Sprinkler Testing in New York City

Residential and Commercial Fire Department Sprinkler Testing

At Allstate Sprinkler Corp. we know that fire department sprinkler testing can be a time sensitive matter. If you or your business have been served a fire department sprinkler violation in New York City, you’ll need a specialist in fire sprinkler testing to bring all of your equipment up to code right away to avoid any additional fines. We are experts in fire sprinkler testing and fire sprinkler inspections throughout New York City.

We make it our duty to provide the best fire sprinkler testing throughout all of New York City and Staten Island. Our goal is to eliminate any safety concerns or fire code violations for you or your business. We use a series of tests to determine that any newly installed or previously existing fire sprinkler equipment operates to all safety standards. In addition, we also check the water supply as well.

Five Year Hydrostatic Sprinkler Testing

At Allstate Sprinkler Corp., we perform 5-year hydrostatic pressure tests throughout BronxBrooklynManhattanQueens, and Staten Islandon a daily basis in connection with Fire Department personnel. Five year hydrostatic pressure tests can be life-saving procedures. These tests simulate actual fire department events that take place during a fire. We perform these tests as accurately as we can in order to assure that your sprinkler system will always be ready and functioning in the event of a fire.

Why You Need Fire Sprinkler Testing in New York City

As of 2012, the National Fire Protection Association put a new law into effect in New York. This law requires all business owners to have their fire safety equipment inspected, tested, and serviced at set time intervals by a licensed individual or company. These requirements are significantly more rigid than businesses may have been used to before the law passing, but failure to keep up with these inspections can result in substantial fines and losses for you or your company.

commercial fire sprinkler systemin an office, commercial building, and now even in some homes (especially apartment buildings) is a life-saving addition that is often now required by building codes on Long Island. At Allstate Sprinkler Corp., we specialize in commercial fire sprinkler systems throughout New York State, including Long Island.

What are special hazard sprinkler systems?

A sprinkler system typically is designed to broadcast water over a large area to dowse a fire. It is effective and prevents a fire from further damaging the building or its contents. But what is a “special hazard” sprinkler system?

Special hazard fire sprinkler systems protect installations or inventory that is of exceptionally high monetary (or other type) value. Museums, libraries, archives, art galleries, and record-keeping facilities use special hazard fire sprinklers to prevent fire but protect from damage the building’s inventory. Data centers, telecommunications rooms, healthcare facilities, machine rooms, etc. all have special hazards that a fire sprinkler contractor and installer has to consider when designing a new system or updating an old one.

Special Hazard Fire Protection systems are:

The Fire Suppression Systems Association (FSSA) is an organization of manufacturers, suppliers, and designer-installers, dedicated to providing this higher level of fire protection. The FSSA identifies these benefits of a special hazard fire protection system:

  • Quickly detect an emerging fire or heat condition
  • Suppress fires when sprinklers are not appropriate as the first and only means of fire protection
  • Protect people
  • Mitigate business interruption
  • Limit the loss of assets, information and revenue
  • Require uniquely trained and qualified personnel to design, install, service, repair and maintain these systems

Special Hazard Fire Protection systems provide detection and control coupled with a fire suppression system. Some common fire suppression agents used in these systems include:

  • Clean Agents
  • Inert Gases
  • CO2
  • Water Mist
  • Foam
  • Hybrid Systems
  • Dry Chemical

Who knows what’s needed?

Allstate Sprinkler Systems are fire sprinkler contractors providing residential fire sprinkler installations, commercial fire sprinkler installations, fire sprinkler inspections, fire sprinkler repairs and services for buildings in New York City, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Midtown, Wall Street, Westchester County, Rockland County, Putnam County, and Long Island. Along with commercial fire sprinkler systems, Allstate Sprinkler Corp. also carries a large selection of fire safety equipment, including smoke detectors, fire hydrants, fire extinguishers, and first aid kits. Contact us today at 718-597-4060.


Properly installed, maintained, inspected, and functioning commercial fire sprinkler systems in Brooklyn from Allstate Sprinkler Corp. in a building that is experiencing a fire is the first response to a fire before the fire department ever shows up. Large losses of life and property are practically nonexistent in buildings equipped with a properly operating sprinkler system in Brooklyn.

Fire suppression sprinkler systems

Fire Engineering magazine reports that full-scale live fire tests carried out in several countries during the latter half of the 20th century have shown that automatic fire sprinklers can make significant contributions to the improvement of conditions in fire-involved environments in Brooklyn. This is done by lowering temperatures, diluting fire gases, and improving visibility, substantially increasing the time available to occupants of a burning building to successfully evacuate the premises.

Every day, more commercial properties are being protected by these “mechanical firefighters”. In many cases, the activated commercial sprinkler systems in Brooklyn will control the fire. Yet, without direct water contact, sprinklers may not completely extinguish a fire. For example, in a warehouse, inventory may be stored on shelves that block water from the sprinklers reaching the burning material. Firefighters need to be ready with hand lines to extinguish any remaining fires. If a sprinkler system is having difficulty controlling the fire, hose lines working at strategic locations can supplement the sprinkler system to extinguish any remaining fires.

With an operating commercial fire sprinkler systems in Brooklyn, firefighting efforts are facilitated and the risk to firefighters is significantly reduced. The primary tactic in a sprinkler-protected building is to let the system do its job while supporting the system. Firefighting efforts can then be directed toward maintaining the system in a full- operational status, while laying backup lines for additional approaches to the fire.