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Ensuring buildings are equipped with working fire extinguishers is just one part of a robust fire-prevention plan. It’s not good enough to just have extinguishers available, they have to be ready to be used at any given moment. That is why it is important to have your fire extinguishers regularly inspected. Jump to Fire Extinguisher’s sections:
A non-inspected or non-tested fire extinguisher may not function when needed in a true fire emergency. Being able to quickly extinguish a small fire can make all the difference between saving lives and preventing extensive damage.
What To Expect With a Fire Extinguisher Inspection
All businesses in NYC have the legal responsibility to ensure that fire extinguisher inspections are being performed timely and recorded accurately. FDNY regulations cover more than just ensuring extinguishers are available and properly inspected.

The FDNY also regulates:
  • The number of extinguishers needed in a building
  • The type of extinguisher required
  • The proper placement and distance between each
Upon completion, inspections must be noted on each fire extinguisher’s tag. The FDNY can request records or proof of inspection at any given time. If they ask for the history inspections and maintenance records, and if they find any discrepancies in paperwork, fines could be imposed in the range from $600 to $1,000!
What to Expect With Fire Extinguisher Inspections
Portable fire extinguishers need regular inspections, testing and maintenance to ensure that they’re ready to operate. When experienced inspectors from Allstate Sprinkler visit your building, we visually inspect each unit for noticeable issues.

We ensure correct placement of extinguishers around your building. We check the pressure on each fire extinguisher and recharge units as needed. We notate that inspections have been properly completed so your records are up to date in the event of a review by the FDNY.

We can also offer advice and answer any questions you have regarding fire safety and prevention equipment, provide recommendations for new models and service existing extinguishers as needed.

Fire Extinguisher Inspection Questions

It is required by the Rules of The City of New York, section 3RCNY §15-02, as well as NFPA 10 that all inspections, maintenance, recharging, and/or testing is required once a year. If your last inspection isn’t properly noted on each extinguisher tag or you’re uncertain of the last time your building’s extinguishers have been checked for functionality, reach out to Allstate Sprinkler. We will provide you immediate service and provide you with this important and required service.

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Fire Extinguisher Repair Service In NYC
When it’s time to make sure that your building is protected from fire and you discover that repairs are needed – you can trust Allstate Sprinkler, LLC.

Over the last 50 years, we have built a reputation as one of the most reliable, responsive, respectfully and affordable fire protection equipment suppliers in the City of New York and surrounding suburbs. Registered with the New York City building department as a licensed Master Fire sprinkler contractor, we routinely repair and replace defective fire extinguishers.
Fire Extinguisher Repair: Meeting Regulations
Albeit the purpose of maintaining fire extinguishers is to keep buildings safe for all occupants, the reality is that you could face grave consequences if your equipment is not maintained properly. Building owners are legally responsible to make sure that a certified person performs the inspection, testing and maintenance of portable fire extinguishers that meet the requirements of the National Fire Protection Association Standard #10.

The New York City Fire Department must be able to access these records at any given time, and details are to be kept on hand for at least three years. If your fire extinguishers are not regularly inspected and tested, you may receive a violation and/or fines, or the complete failure of the equipment when a true emergency takes place.

If it is determined that your equipment is faulty and such devices are not prepared to protect your tenants and occupants in the case of a fire, Allstate Sprinkler is qualified and ready to repair the following types of extinguishers:
  • Water mist
  • Water
  • Regular dry chemical
  • Class D dry powder
  • Multi-purpose dry chemical
  • Foam
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Purple K dry chemical
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Fire Extinguisher Repair Questions

While it depends on the manufacturer, most extinguishers can remain in service from five years to 20 years. The best way to make sure your extinguishers are up to date is to have them regularly inspected and tested.

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