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In order to maintain the potable water supply free from contamination, it’s essential to schedule regular backflow prevention and maintenance.
Failing to do so could result in contaminated water flowing back into the potable water supply and you might be faced with a significant health crisis – in addition to having to remedy the issue.

Allstate Sprinkler provides backflow preventer testing and repair services to commercial building managers and owners throughout New York City’s five boroughs. Have your fire sprinkler backflow prevention devices tested and maintained to avoid costly NYC Dept of Environmental Protection (DEP) fines!
Comprehensive Testing and Inspection Services in New York
The State of New York requires that all backflow prevention devices are to be tested every -12- months.
Our team of specialists will handle every aspect of the process. If you happen to receive a backflow violation, we’ll contact the proper authorities and attempt to remedy any violations and work closely with you to determine what your backflow needs are. Our team will then create an engineered backflow plan and submit it to the DEP for approval.

Once approved, our technicians will install your backflow prevention device(s) in accordance with city regulations and code. We’ll schedule all necessary inspections and establish an annual testing plan at your place of business.
Benefits of Regular Backflow Preventer Inspection
In addition to avoiding a DEP backflow violation and fines of up to $2,000, performing routine backflow prevention inspection provides your commercial building with a variety of additional benefits:
  • Keeps your building compliant with state and local regulations and laws
  • Prevents major problems before they occur
  • Peace of mind that your building is safe and in good hands
  • You don’t have to handle any of the inspection scheduling or paperwork
The complexity and size of your building’s backflow preventer device will correlate to what your building’s specific risks are. Regardless, backflow preventers are essential to protecting the clean water supply in your building and need to be tested each year.
Expert Backflow Prevention Inspections

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What Happens During a Backflow Inspection?
One of our certified and trained testers will test the gate and relief valves of your building’s backflow devices. This enables us to identify problems such as irregular functionality, movement and leaks.
We will then confirm that all air ports and valves are functioning properly. If we locate any problems, we’ll determine if device replacement or repair is the best course of action.
Why is Inspection so Important for My Building?
Water flows through your pipes and into your building in one direction. Sudden changes in water pressure can result in the water starting to flow backward. This sensation is called “backflow.” Exterior water main breaks or open fire hydrants are the most common causes of this type of water pressure change.

Backflow devices prevent non-potable water and sometimes both chemicals and waste from entering the drinking supply. This would obviously pose a health hazard for your building and the ones who live around it. New York City and the surrounding boroughs are densely packed, and it is therefore vital to maintain the safety of those around you in mind as well.

If the backflow device on your property is not installed properly, this can also cause your water to become contaminated. When the device is installed properly, however, the appropriate mechanism will be triggered during the event of backflow and the device will then prohibit contaminated water from entering your building’s clean water supply.

If you don’t have any backflow devices on your property, you received a violation, or you need a routine inspection – you need to work with a highly-respected company in the New York City marketplace. Allstate Sprinkler understands how the inspection process works and we are here to assist you with performing the tests and mitigating any fines.
How Our Process Works
We have over 50 years of industry experience delivering FDNY approved fire safety services to more than 5,000 buildings. We handle every aspect of the Backflow Preventer Inspection so you can stay in compliance and avoid fines and violations. This is how our proven process works:
Step 1
Schedule a Consultation
Contact our office to schedule a consultation. One of our technicians will head to your location to evaluate your current system and provide you with a free quote.
Step 2
We Get to Work
Whether you received a violation that needs to be addressed or you just need your NFPA 25 inspection, we’ll create a customized plan that works for your needs.
Step 3
Feel Safe and Secure
We have customized computer software to assure that your facility is in compliance and that the inevitable fines and potential liability for not adhering to NFPA 25 can be avoided.
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Backflow Preventer Questions

The cost of backflow prevention inspection depends on a variety of factors. Contact our office today to receive a free customized quote.

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