March 29, 2022

Fire Sprinkler Inspection in Manhattan

In need of fire department sprinkler testing in Manhattan? Allstate Sprinkler, LLC is recognized as the most reliable, responsive, and respected fire sprinkler contractor in Manhattan.

As a full-service organization, we are committed to assisting you with all of your commercial and residential fire protection needs in Manhattan.
Inspection services

We provide complete design-build abilities for the installation, alterations, and repairs of both fire sprinkler and fire standpipe systems in Manhattan.
  • NFPA 25 inspection and testing services
  • Local Law 26 evaluation and compliance
  • Prompt correction of all FDNY violations
  • 5-year hydrostatic pressure tests of sprinkler and standpipe connections
  • Emergency service and repairs
  • Fire pump installations, testing, and repairs
  • Fire extinguisher sales and recharging
  • All fire safety-related products and equipment

Fire sprinkler systems

Fire sprinkler systems in Manhattan such as sprinklers are the "first responders" to fire before the real first responders' evacuation to the site. 

In Manhattan, where many structures are grouped close together, fire sprinkler systems can prevent a fire situation from burning out of control and involving other buildings and people.

Hydrostatic Pressure Test In Manhattan

Is your business in Manhattan in need of a hydrostatic pressure test? Many building projects throughout Manhattan and New York City must comply with standpipe hydrostatic pressure testing requirements, and Allstate Sprinkler, LLC can help!

Have you had a violation that needs to be resolved? Our office support staff will make every attempt to make answer your violations in a timely manner. The scheduling of these tests is handled directly by the Fire Department's appointment desk.

Hydrostatic Pressure Test is Every Five Years

The five-year hydrostatic pressure test is one of the most important inspections. It is the only one that looks inside the pipes to make sure that there is no corrosion that could cause a fire sprinkler failure. In addition, the inspection is an internal inspection that is conducted on every other wet-pipe fire sprinkler and all dry-pipe fire sprinklers.

During the check valve inspection, valves are taken apart, checked for debris or corrosion,
cleaned, and then property owners in Manhattan are advised of any issues.

Keep Lives Safe

Five-year hydrostatic pressure tests are life-saving procedures. These tests simulate actual fire department events that take place during a fire. We perform these tests as accurately and diligently to assure you that your sprinkler system in Manhattan will always be fire ready.

These tests demonstrate that all the devices and fire pump components perform according to the manufacturers' specifications as well as prove that the water supply is adequate.

Insurance flow tests and fire pump performance tests can deteriorate over time or be affected by impairments to water supplies. Regular testing can identify these problems and ensure that the sprinkler system and fire pump operate when needed.

To set up a free consultation for fire sprinkler testing in Brooklyn, NY, contact us today at (718) 524-3174.

5 Year Standpipe Test In Manhattan

Protecting property in Manhattan during the case of a fire is one of the top priorities for both the owner and FDNY. The 5 year standpipe test is just one way the FDNY can ensure that all standpipe and sprinkler systems in Manhattan stay up-to-date. Nothing can be as costly as a fire. Just the smoke from a fire can cause damage to textiles and other goods. In addition, it can cause the most terrible structural damage. At Allstate Sprinkler, LLC, we can assist you in your efforts to comply with the FDNY 5-year test.

Having a fire sprinkler and standpipe system for your home or business in Manhattan is the best way to protect your property from the case of a fire. To ensure the sprinkler system is in top shape during any case of an emergency, it is necessary to have your sprinkler system checked regularly. At Allstate Sprinkler LLC, our mission is to build a distinguished and financially strong organization whose high standard of excellence is embraced by employees, clients, and the community we serve.

Guide For Checking Sprinkler System

  • Inspect the valves of the system once a month. Make sure they're in the open position and easily accessible.
  • Tighten any loose connections.
  • Check all pipes for signs of leaks or corrosion.
  • Check the air and water gauges to ensure the correct pressure is maintained for proper operation.
  • Compare the gauge reading to the instruction manual. The water gauge, generally, should read between so psi to 100 psi in order to pass the FDNY’s year standpipe test in Manhattan.

  • Inspect all alarm devices for fresh batteries and ensure they are in good working condition.
  • Check all fire department attachments to the system for signs of leaks or damage.
  • Contact us or the New York City Fire department if signs of damage to your sprinkler system in Manhattan are apparent.
  • Open the inspector's test valve slowly until water begins to drip out. Listen for the alarm bell from the system. When the alarm bell sounds, close the valve.

  • Inspect the sprinkler heads for damage such as rust or bending.
  • Pour water down the main drain to ensure that it's not clogged.
  • Turn off the water to the system and make sure it lives up to the FDNY's 5-year test standards.
  • Open and close all the valves to ensure they have the correct range of motion.

Remember that sprinkler check-ups aren't the only things you should keep up with for the five-year test. At Allstate Sprinkler, LLC, we're here to remind you that a fire safety system in Manhattan has many parts that all need to be working at all times. After all, fire waits for no one. We are here to make your home or business in Manhattan as safe as possible in case of a fire.

About Allstate Sprinkler

Our family business has developed from a ''mom and pop" company into a highly regarded fire protection contractor servicing the New York City Metropolitan area. Our commitment is to assist you with all of your commercial and residential fire protection needs. We have built a reputation on the sound principle of providing professional service and high-quality products to all our customers. Our services include but are not limited to the following: complete installations and alterations of fire sprinkler and standpipe systems, prompt correction of all fire department violations, five-year hydrostatic pressure tests, emergency service, and repairs, fire pump testing and installations, fire extinguisher sales, and service, and all fire safety products and equipment.

Allstate Sprinkler, LLC is a licensed Master Fire sprinkler contractor with the New York City building department. Providing our customers with cost-effective, professional, and reliable service is our priority. We hope that you will enjoy our website and become a part of our family customer base.
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