August 15, 2022

Do I Need a Fire Sprinkler System if I Buy a Liquor Store?

The New York City's Department of Buildings and Fire Department are constantly enforcing the commercial sprinkler laws that New York City landlords are required to abide by. This law unequivocally identifies the commercial buildings in New York City where sprinkler systems are required to be installed. If the occupancy and construction classification warrant such system(s), commercial building owners would be found liable in the event of a fire. And regardless of insurance coverage, the lack of a properly inspected and tested fire sprinkler system may nullify insurance coverage.
Fire sprinkler systems benefit both the public and the owners of buildings in several ways. In addition to safeguarding those within the space, they reduce insurance premiums, and in the event of a true fire, they drastically decrease the amount of time a business may be interrupted or closed for necessary remediation and repair.
In regards to liquor stores directly, the combustibility of alcohol does not appreciably ignite and fuel fire, so long as the bottles containing it are sealed and standing in an upright position. The type of materials used as containers for alcoholic bottles themselves. In laboratory testing, the necks of these bottles melted only in part, and the body of the bottles did not present any significant contribution to developing fire(s). This is due to the pressure inside the bottles, which is not released until and unless the cap fails. As long as bottles remain upright, the liquid inside them keeps the walls of the bottles cool and reduces the ignition time of their contents.
Beer and wine (most often stored in metal cans or glass bottles) are both considered non-ignitable liquids. As long as they are not stored in a cardboard or wooden boxes and/or crates, the likelihood of them burning is also slim. For each of these items, as well as alcohol stored in 1.75 L glass bottles within boxes/cases, it can be expected that when stored in stacks or columns (with or without pallets), the column itself will collapse rather than ignite, in most cases.
Regardless of the type of business or occupancy, it is important to understand that sprinkler systems are designed to protect against catastrophic fire and SAVE LIVES. A properly installed, well-maintained hand regularly tested fire sprinkler system ensures that your business and occupants will be safeguarded in the event of a fire. If you are buying an existing business or building a new facility in New York City, it is imperative that you inquire about the fire sprinkler system. Understanding the details of its installation and maintenance can make a difference in your anticipated purchase, maintenance expenses, projected timeline to be operational, and your own peace of mind.

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