January 15, 2023

Are Hotels in New York Required to Have Fire Sprinkler Systems?

The popularity of "transient dwellings" is skyrocketing-hotels, motels, hostels, rentals, timeshare, and hosting sites like Airbnb, Vrbo, etc., see travelers coming and going all day and night. With so much travel and guests, strict regulations and guidelines to ensure round-the-clock safety are crucial. At Allstate Sprinkler, we specialize in keeping such transient facilities equipped and in complete compliance with the unique NYC fire sprinkler code set forth by FDNY.
Whether protecting a dormitory, bed & breakfast, or luxury resort, all temporary housing must be protected with a fire sprinkler system, according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the City of New York. Per the strict guidelines and requirements of the NFPA, even older lodging houses and dwellings must now comply with proper installation, maintenance, and routine inspection of fire sprinkler systems. While each municipality has its regulations per NFPA guidance, special considerations are more commonly required across city limits and county lines. "Universal" codes
  • Any area used for sleeping must be equipped with smoke alarms and quick-response (residential-type) heat-sensitive sprinklers.
  • Areas including free-standing kiosks, stands, booths, or displays that may impede the overall water flow require ample automatic sprinkler systems.
  • Balconies, decks, breezeways, and hallways all require sprinkler systems
  • The fire sprinkler riser and supply must be protected against backflow
Routine fire inspections are mandatory for all transient dwelling fire sprinkler systems, including regularly scheduled equipment testing and a rigorous maintenance schedule (monthly, quarterly, or annually, depending upon the mechanism) for all system elements. Qualified inspection contractors must perform these services per NFPA 25 and NYC fire code, section 901. Water flow switches, pumps, tanks, water levels, and other components must be electronically supervised and monitored daily by hotel owners and operators once installation and inspection of the system are complete.
Since 2018, hotels are also required to perform integrated testing. This practice checks the safety systems and features of a building, including fire sprinklers, fire alarm, smoke control, and elevator recall, ensuring that each takes place accordingly and appropriately should the systems activate in an emergency. If a fire is detected, each item has a specific code-required function to perform. Integrated testing ensures that all systems of this nature work together to safeguard the establishment from costly violations, individual function failures, catastrophes, and closure by authorities for failure to comply.
Allstate Sprinkler has been a family-operated business based in The Bronx for over 50 years. We proudly offer 24-hour, 7-day-a-week emergency service protection, 365 days a year. We take great pride and every precaution on behalf of our valued clients and humbly prize our outstanding reputation with the FDNY as a leader in our industry. A proud recipient of the and the , we are uniquely qualified to provide your hotel, lodge, bed & breakfast, or rental cottages with the best fire sprinkler protection in New York and beyond. Contact us today
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