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What Allstate Can Do For A Fire Sprinkler Violation

Has your fire sprinkler system (sprinklers) been inspected, or have you been cited by the New York City Fire Department with a violation? Allstate Sprinkler, LLC will assist you with all the necessary paperwork, scheduling, testing, and repairs necessary to correct the situation and dismiss the violations. Allstate Sprinklers offer an unprecedented level of experience handling these violations.

Regularly scheduled fire sprinkler inspections by Allstate Sprinklers LLC. are imperative to avoid being cited for violations by the fire department. Allstate Sprinkler, LLC can help with all your fire sprinkler testing and inspection needs. Allstate are experts in:

•    Fire Sprinkler Installation & Repair
•   Fire Sprinkler Inspection & Testing
•   FDNY Violations
•   Emergency Fire Sprinkler Services

Fire Sprinkler Testing
Allstate Sprinkler, LLC performs five-year hydrostatic pressure tests on a daily basis with NYC Fire Department personnel. Five-year hydrostatic pressure tests are life-saving procedures. These tests simulate actual fire department events that take place during a fire. Allstate performs these tests accurately and diligently to assure you that your sprinkler system will always be fire-ready. Allstate testing crews work on sprinkler and standpipe systems supplied by gravity tanks, pressure tanks or street level city water supplies. The Allstate Sprinkler, LLC office support staff answers NYFD violations in a timely and effective manner.

Common FDNY Violations
The most common violations cited by the New York City Fire Department are:

•    VC1- Fire Extinguishers
•    VC5- Inspection Record Keeping
•    VC6- Signs
•    VC7- Color Coding
•    VC12- General Maintenance (Spare Heads etc.)
•    VC17- Certificate of Fitness
•    VC20- 5-year testing

Emergency Service
Allstate Sprinkler, LLC is an emergency based fire sprinkler contractor in New York City with an answering service to field any after-hour emergency and dispatch our on-call technicians accordingly. We’re here to service our customers with any problem that may occur.
Has your forklift operator accidentally hit a sprinkler head? Did your furnace fail during the coldest night of winter. Have your sprinkler lines froze and begun to leak? Has a contractor damaged an existing sprinkler head? Allstate Sprinkler LLCoration has faced every emergency scenario. Our vehicles are stocked with as many different sprinkler components that may assist in making a permanent or at least a temporary repair if material needs to be ordered.

If you experience a sprinkler system emergency, do not panic. Your first phone call should be to Allstate Sprinkler, LLC at 718-524-3174. Help will be on the way immediately.  You can be assured that Allstate Sprinkler, LLC will answer your emergency call as quickly as possible. Allstate Sprinkler, LLC are your partners in protecting your business in New York City with fire sprinkler systems. We will help you — every day at any time!!

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