Fire Sprinkler Inspections in Westchester County

The National Fire Protection Association’s Standard # 25 for inspections, testing and maintenance of a fire sprinkler system was adopted by New York City in 2012. The requirements of NFPA 25 are relevant to all city buildings that are sprinklered,  including plenty that were previously exempt and now must comply.

FDNY Enforcement of Fire Sprinkler Regulations

All sprinklered facilities throughout Westchester County, whether it be commercial or residential, are required to have the inspection regimen of NFPA25 performed by a licensed Master Fire sprinkler contractor and holder of an FDNY Certificate of Fitness.

FDNY regulations may be confusing and difficult to decipher for those without fire sprinkler expertise. Nevertheless, these inspections and testing requirements are mandatory, and violations are regularly issued.

NFPA 25 is designed to standardize, clarify and enhance the types and frequency of fire sprinkler inspections that are required. Various categories of inspections and maintenance must be performed at regular intervals ranging from weekly visual checks to a thorough internal obstruction inspection every five years.

What to Expect When You  Hire Allstate Sprinkler to perform NFPA25 Inspections

We’re here to help you understand and fully comply with all FDNY inspection requirements. There are four basic levels of Fire Sprinkler Inspections:

  1. Weekly
  2. Monthly
  3. Quarterly
  4. Annually

Each frequency of inspection has different requirements, but all are mandatory according to NFPA 25, and accurate records of all inspections are required.

Weekly Inspections

NFPA 25 has numerous points for weekly visual inspection. It expects building occupants or owners to perform these weekly inspections. This may also require a weekly fire pump churn test, if applicable.

You can perform the weekly visual inspections yourself, or Allstate Sprinkler can perform them for you. Maintaining records of these inspections can significantly help you if you receive a violation. We maintain all records of every fire sprinkler inspection in Westchester County and the surrounding areas, and can provide both hard copies and digital records upon request by the FDNY.

Monthly Inspections

Monthly inspections are more in-depth than the weekly regimen and we maintain all records of these on file to comply with FDNY requirements.

In addition to the weekly inspection regimen, the monthly inspection includes, but is not limited to the visual inspection of the following components:

  • Control valves’ locks and/or tamper-evident seals and switches.
  • Air pressure and temperature alarms.
  • All gauges, including wet, dry, pre-action and deluge systems
  • All alarm valves.
  • Automatic tank fill valves.
  • All dry pipe valves and their heated enclosures.
  • Spare parts cabinet including replacement/spare sprinkler heads with the correct temperature rating and sprinkler head replacement wrench.
  • Tank water level(s) and temperature.
  • Fire department connection(s).
  • Backflow device.
  • Booster and jockey pumps.

Quarterly Inspections

Quarterly inspections include all of the monthly inspection requirements in addition to a much more detailed visual and hands-on testing regimen. The quarterly fire sprinkler inspection now includes confirming adequate pressure readings and testing water flow and tamper switches. Post indicating valves and priming levels must also be tested and drain tests for backflow devices need to be performed. The fire sprinkler riser will also be inspected to ensure that the hydraulic nameplate, if applicable, is attached and legible.

Annual Inspections

The annual inspection includes all monthly and quarterly points but has a few additional requirements. All components of the system(s) are visually inspected, potential obstructions are identified, and an assessment is made to determine if the requirements of the system have changed. Each sprinkler control valve is tested, pumps are operated and water flow is measured.

Every fifth year, an internal obstruction assessment is performed during the annual test.

Common Questions About Fire Sprinkler Inspections

  • Q: Do I Have a Reliable Fire Sprinkler Company Near Me?
  • A: Yes! We’re a family-owned business and proud to be an integral part of NYC for the past 50 years. With over 5,000 satisfied customers and outstanding outline ratings, we are proud to serve and live in NYC.
  • Q: What If the Fire Department Cites Me for a Violation?
  • A: We perform emergency repair calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you have your system repaired immediately, you can often have the fine reduced or eliminated and avoid further violations.

Allstate Sprinkler Is an Westchester County Institution

We’re the leading fire sprinkler service in the greater New York area. Why?

  • Five decades of experience.
  • We are well respected by the FDNY.
  • Our inspection team is fully certified and experienced an extensive apprenticeship program.

Other fire sprinkler contractors simply don’t have the experience or the commitment to customer satisfaction that we provide. We’ve grown from a mom-and-pop operation into NYC’s most trusted fire sprinkler professionals because no other company shares our dedication to customer satisfaction.

We receive positive reviews from building managers because we respond to your needs. Read our reviews and compare them to others. Transparency and keeping you informed is one of our proudest accomplishments.

How to Contact Us

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Westchester County

Facts About Westchester County

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About Westchester County

Westchester County is a county in the Hudson Valley.

  • Population (approx.): 1,000,000
  • County seat: White Plains.

Within Westchester County there are six cities, 19 towns, and 23 villages. The county seat is the city of White Plains, while the most populous municipality in the county is the city of Yonkers. The six cities in Westchester County are:

  • Mount Vernon.
  • New Rochelle.
  • Peekskill.
  • Rye.
  • White Plains.
  • Yonkers.

Local Sights and Things to Do

  • Caramoor Center for Music and the Arts.
  • Donald M. Kendall Sculpture Gardens.
  • The Emelin Theatre.
  • The Hudson River Museum.
  • Katonah Museum of Art.
  • Neuberger Museum of Art.
  • New Roc City.
  • Teatown Lake Reservation.
  • Westchester County Center.
  • Mianus River Gorge.

Local Transportation

Nearby Airports

  • Westchester County Airport (sometimes referred to as the White Plains Airport) is three miles northeast of White Plains.

Local Roads

With an intricate network of roadways, you can get across Westchester County pretty easily.

  • Cross County Parkway.
  • Hutchinson River Parkway.
  • Riverdale Ave Arterial.
  • Memorial Highway.
  • Midland Avenue.
  • Putnam Avenue.
  • Saw Mill River Parkway.
  • Nepperhan Ave Arterial.
  • Yonkers Avenue.
  • Bear Mountain Parkway.
  • Yonkers Avenue.
  • East Spur 684I.
  • Sprain Brook State Parkway.
  • Taconic State Parkway.


  • Bus service is provided by the Bee-Line Bus System.
  • The MTA Bus Company runs to and from Getty Square

Towns in Westchester County

Ardsley, Bedford, Briarcliff Manor, Bronxville, Buchanan, City of Yonkers, Cortlandt, Croton on Hudson, Dobbs Ferry, Eastchester, Elmsford, Greenburgh, Harrison, Hastings on Hudson, Irvington, Larchmont, Lewisboro, Mamaroneck, Mount Kisco, Mount Pleasant, Mount Vernon, New Castle, New Rochelle, North Castle, North Salem, Ossining, Peekskill, Pelham, Pleasantville, Port Chester, Pound Ridge, Rye, Rye Brook, Scarsdale, Sleepy Hollow, Somers, Tarrytown, Tuckahoe, White Plains, Yorktown.

Schools & Parks

Local Parks

  • Alfred B. DelBello Muscoot Farm.
  • Blue Mountain Reservation.
  • Bronx River Parkway Reservation.
  • Cranberry Lake Preserve.
  • Croton Gorge Park.
  • Croton Point Park.
  • Edith G. Read Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • Kensico Dam Plaza.
  • Kingsland Point Park.
  • Kitchawan Preserve.
  • Lasdon Park, Arboretum and Veterans Memorial.
  • Lenoir Preserve.
  • Ward Pound Ridge Reservation.
  • Willson’s Woods Park.

Local Sports Arenas and Clubs

  • City Park Stadium.
  • Fleming Field.
  • Huguenot Yacht Club.
  • Hynes Athletic Center.
  • Larchmont Yacht Club.
  • Mazzella Field.
  • Yonkers Raceway.

Universities & Colleges

  • Berkeley College.
  • College of New Rochelle.
  • The College of Westchester.
  • Columbia University.
  • Concordia College.
  • Sarah Lawrence College.
  • Iona College.
  • Long Island University.
  • Manhattanville College.
  • SUNY Empire State College.
  • Westchester Community College.
  • Mercy College.

By Jim.henderson – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,