When starting a business, owners will try to not spend too much money on overhead. As a result, business owners are converting empty warehouses into storage facilities instead of constructing brand new buildings. And while this is a great way to scoop up properties, the problem comes in trying to keep these facilities safe from fire. Unfortunately the fact is that fire sprinklers are not one-size-fits-all. This is especially true in older buildings with older fire sprinkler systems.

Without a proper fire sprinkler inspection and analysis, there’s no way to tell whether the old sprinkler system will be equipped to handle the risks presented by the building’s new use. You may be in need for an upgrade to your warehouse sprinkler system.

That’s where Allstate Sprinkler Corp. comes in. For over 40 years, we are the go-to company for business owners who are in need of warehouse sprinkler installation in Brooklyn.

Warehouse Sprinkler Requirements

At Allstate Sprinkler Corp., we have vast experience in National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standard Law #25. This law requires building owners to ensure their facility’s fire sprinkler system is capable of handling the storage arrangements present when a change in hazard level occurs.

Along with our well-trained staff of over 100 employees, we have customized computer software to help assure that your facility is in compliance and that the inevitable fines and potential liability for not adhering to NFPA 25 can be avoided.

As a business owner, put your trust in Allstate Sprinkler Corp. to get your warehouse sprinkler installation in Brooklyn up and running. Contact us at (718) 597-4060 for a free assessment.


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