Industrial Fire Sprinklers are easy to locate but quality, dependable and easily maintained Industrial Fire Sprinklers are not so readily identified.

Unless of course, you consult with AllState Sprinkler Corporation first.

Fire Safety and Fire Protection are a very specialized industry. Unfortunately the products sometimes used by some companies can leave a client unsure of its ability to do its’ job when needed.

For Industrial Fire Sprinklers, all worry goes away once the number-one name in Industrial Fire Sprinklers is on the scene – AllState Sprinkler Corporation.

AllState Sprinkler Corporation is a licensed Master Fire Suppression Contractor with the New York City building department, providing their valued customers with cost-effective, professional and reliable service as a priority.

For Industrial Fire Sprinklers, High-Rise Fire Sprinkler Systems, and other Commercial Fire Systems have an authorized representative of your company speak with AllState Sprinkler Corporation today.

Allstate Sprinklers Corporation works hard to provide services for buildings throughout the tri-state region, including inspections and tests that are able to provide you with the comfort and knowledge toward your working sprinkler system, ensuring that it has not been subject to any vandalism, deterioration, or any in-house maintenance problems.

Day to day business and your own clients are enough to keep you and your staff occupied. Your company doesn’t need to also be concerned with the viability of your Industrial Fire Sprinklers. AllState Sprinkler Corporation provides the confidence that your building is being properly protected by a sprinkler system that works and how it works. AllState Sprinkler Corporation will provide you with the proper demonstrations you and your staff need in order to learn about all of your sprinkler systems; their working components as well as providing you with any information that you’ll need to know for safety purposes.

For  Industrial Fire Sprinkler installation, maintenance and repair remember that Allstate Sprinkler Corporation are also experts in Fire Department sprinkler testing.  If you have any questions regarding a fire sprinkler systems installations, 5-year sprinkler test, commercial sprinkler systems, residential fire sprinkler systems, hydrostatic pressure testing, or fire sprinkler testing in Westchester, Long Island ,the Bronx, Brooklyn,  Manhattan, Staten Island or Queens,  please contact Allstate Sprinkler Corporation  at (718) 597-4060.

New York City can be a very difficult place to maintain a business or keep a home. Yes, it’s the number one place in the country for a lot of things – but it can come at a cost.

Places in NYC can be subject to very strict rules and regulations when it comes to operation. Places like Brooklyn, NY , like the rest of the five borough’s there are very stringent laws that commercial entities have to keep on top of.  A very helpful tip if you are part of a company that has suffered the consequences of not paying attention to the various laws and regulations for things like FDNY Violations.

AllState Sprinklers Corporation does 5-Year hydro-static pressure tests on a daily basis with Fire Department personnel.  AllState Sprinkler Corporations’ testing crews work on sprinkler and standpipe systems – supplied by either a gravity tanks, pressure tanks or street level city water supplies.

The office support staff will make every attempt to make answer your violations timely. Time is crucial when violation fines are piling up. The scheduling of these tests is handled directly with the Fire Department’s appointment desk.

Five-year hydro-static pressure tests are life-saving procedures. These tests simulate actual fire department events that take place during a fire. AllState Sprinkler Corporation perform these tests as accurately and diligently to assure you that your sprinkler system will always be fire ready.

Being served with a violation from the New York City Fire Department?  If so, Allstate Sprinkler Corporation will assist you with all the necessary paperwork, scheduling, testing and repairs to satisfy the conditions of these violations.

The management staff of AllState Sprinkler Corporation offers an unprecedented level of experience handling these violations. No one can claim the continuous and close working relationship with the fire suppression unit of the New York City Fire Department that they have.

Some common FDNY Violations to avoid receiving a violation, you should make sure to schedule regular inspections for your fire sprinkler system. AllState Sprinkler Corporation can help with all your fire sprinkler testing and inspection needs. Some of the most common violations are:

VC1- Fire Extinguishers

VC5- Inspection Record Keeping

VC6- Signs

VC7- Color Coding

VC12- General Maintenance (Spare Heads etc.)

VC17- Certificate of Fitness

VC20- 5-year testing


AllState Sprinkler Corporation is recognized as one of the most reliable, responsive, and respected fire sprinkler contractors in New York City.  It is your responsibility to ensure that your property is compliant with NYC fire codes. Don’t wait until you are served a violation, take the pro-active approach. Contact AllState Sprinkler Corporation today to find out how they can help you prevent any future violations.

If your are in need of a fire sprinkler systems installation company in ManhattanBronxBrooklynQueens, or Staten Island, then look no further then Allstate Sprinkler Systems Corp. We are a full-service fire sprinkler company specializing in fire sprinkler repairs, fire sprinkler testing and inspections, and fire sprinkler system installation in NYC.

If you are a commercial business owner or residential property landlord, it is vital that your fire sprinkler system is properly installed and maintained. Fires can be extremely dangerous, but with expert installation of sprinkler systems, an unexpected event can be manageable. For over 40 years, we pride ourselves on quality professionalism and exemplary customer service. We want to help keep your property or business safe.

Fire Sprinkler Systems NYC

At Allstate Sprinkler Corp., we are dedicated to providing you with a top of the line sprinkler system installation. Whether you are starting from the ground up on a new building or considering alterations to an existing building, we can help. Our team can assess your project and supply the necessary information and services every step of the way.

Sprinkler System Installation Process

Sprinkler System Installations include the following steps:

  • Custom designed plan for code compliance
  • Professional installation by one of our experienced technicians
  • Completion and filing of all plans and permits

At Allstate Sprinkler Corp. we have the experience in both the technical aspects as well as legal requirements for fire sprinkler systems. Every property or business owner in NYC wants a safe place for their occupants, but we understand that keeping up with all the legal codes and regulations can be a difficult task on top of everything else. That’s why we want to provide you with peace of mind knowing all your fire sprinkler needs are in the hands of top experts.

Sprinkler System Installation Requirements

Local Law 26 mandates retroactive requirements for fire sprinkler systems. This means office buildings 100 feet or more in height must install sprinklers throughout the building and submit a certificate of compliance prepared by an architect or engineer to the Department of Buildings by July 1, 2019.

Are you prepared to make this deadline? Let Allstate Sprinkler Corp. help in making sure your property is up to compliance. With our strong expertise and knowledgable staff, your fire sprinkler system will be properly taken care of every time.

When starting a business, owners will try to not spend too much money on overhead. As a result, business owners are converting empty warehouses into storage facilities instead of constructing brand new buildings. And while this is a great way to scoop up properties, the problem comes in trying to keep these facilities safe from fire. Unfortunately the fact is that fire sprinklers are not one-size-fits-all. This is especially true in older buildings with older fire sprinkler systems.

Without a proper fire sprinkler inspection and analysis, there’s no way to tell whether the old sprinkler system will be equipped to handle the risks presented by the building’s new use. You may be in need for an upgrade to your warehouse sprinkler system.

That’s where Allstate Sprinkler Corp. comes in. For over 40 years, we are the go-to company for business owners who are in need of warehouse sprinkler installation in Brooklyn.

Warehouse Sprinkler Requirements

At Allstate Sprinkler Corp., we have vast experience in National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standard Law #25. This law requires building owners to ensure their facility’s fire sprinkler system is capable of handling the storage arrangements present when a change in hazard level occurs.

Along with our well-trained staff of over 100 employees, we have customized computer software to help assure that your facility is in compliance and that the inevitable fines and potential liability for not adhering to NFPA 25 can be avoided.

As a business owner, put your trust in Allstate Sprinkler Corp. to get your warehouse sprinkler installation in Brooklyn up and running. Contact us at (718) 597-4060 for a free assessment.