If your are in need of a fire sprinkler systems installation company in ManhattanBronxBrooklynQueens, or Staten Island, then look no further then Allstate Sprinkler Systems Corp. We are a full-service fire sprinkler company specializing in fire sprinkler repairs, fire sprinkler testing and inspections, and fire sprinkler system installation in NYC.

If you are a commercial business owner or residential property landlord, it is vital that your fire sprinkler system is properly installed and maintained. Fires can be extremely dangerous, but with expert installation of sprinkler systems, an unexpected event can be manageable. For over 40 years, we pride ourselves on quality professionalism and exemplary customer service. We want to help keep your property or business safe.

Fire Sprinkler Systems NYC

At Allstate Sprinkler Corp., we are dedicated to providing you with a top of the line sprinkler system installation. Whether you are starting from the ground up on a new building or considering alterations to an existing building, we can help. Our team can assess your project and supply the necessary information and services every step of the way.

Sprinkler System Installation Process

Sprinkler System Installations include the following steps:

  • Custom designed plan for code compliance
  • Professional installation by one of our experienced technicians
  • Completion and filing of all plans and permits

At Allstate Sprinkler Corp. we have the experience in both the technical aspects as well as legal requirements for fire sprinkler systems. Every property or business owner in NYC wants a safe place for their occupants, but we understand that keeping up with all the legal codes and regulations can be a difficult task on top of everything else. That’s why we want to provide you with peace of mind knowing all your fire sprinkler needs are in the hands of top experts.

Sprinkler System Installation Requirements

Local Law 26 mandates retroactive requirements for fire sprinkler systems. This means office buildings 100 feet or more in height must install sprinklers throughout the building and submit a certificate of compliance prepared by an architect or engineer to the Department of Buildings by July 1, 2019.

Are you prepared to make this deadline? Let Allstate Sprinkler Corp. help in making sure your property is up to compliance. With our strong expertise and knowledgable staff, your fire sprinkler system will be properly taken care of every time.

In need of a hospital fire sprinkler installation in Long Island? With over 40 years of experience, All-State Sprinkler Corp. has assisted hospitals all over the five boroughs to assist in the most dependable sprinkler systems.

Why is it important to have a sufficient hospital fire sprinkler system?

Unsurprisingly, one of the most prevalent industries we service is the healthcare industry. Hospitals and other medical centers are often heavily populated with people and expensive equipment. For those reasons and more, it is essential for hospitals to have a reliable sprinkler system in place in case of fire.
From traditional water sprinklers, to special hazard and clean agent suppression systems, Allstate Sprinkler Corp. will make certain that your workforce, patients and expensive equipment are protected in the unfortunate event of a fire.

Also, keep in mind, if you already have a sprinkler system in place, but are in need of an upgrade, we can install a more modern system for you. Similarly, if you have an older building devoid of a sprinkler system, we can perform our retrofitting service for you.

We have customized computer software to help assure that your facility is in compliance and that the inevitable fines and potential liability for not adhering to fire codes can be avoided.

We also have over 100 full-time field technicians who are trained and supervised throughout a comprehensive apprenticeship. This process contributes to an extremely high level of proficiency and quality work.

Allstate Sprinkler Corp. is the reliable choice for hospital fire sprinkler installation in Long IslandContact us at (718) 597-4060 for a free assessment.