Your staff and customer’s deserve the peace of mind knowing that if needed, your fire sprinkler system would work without a glitch. Saving expensive merchandise and possibly lives too.

At AllState Sprinkler Corp. we provide service to thousands of buildings throughout the tri-state region. AllState Sprinkler Corp.’s routine tests and inspections will provide you with the comforting knowledge that your sprinkler system has not been subject to any vandalism, deterioration or in-house maintenance problems. In other words; no unexpected, expensive issues to pop up causing damage and destruction from fire.

Whether installing or providing regular maintenanceAllState Sprinkler Corp. can provide that extra security you need to be sure your business is safe and remains that way so that any inspection required – your business is covered. You can be confident in knowing that Allstate Sprinkler Corporation has faced every emergency scenario. Our vehicles are stocked with as many different sprinkler components that may assist in making a permanent or at least a temporary repair if material needs to be ordered. You can be assured of our professionalism and experience.

Allstate Sprinkler Corporation is recognized as one of the most reliable, responsive & respected fire sprinkler contractors in the Rockland County and metropolitan area.  As a full-service organization, AllState Sprinklers Corp. is committed to assisting you with all of your commercial and residential fire protection needs. Our services include, but are not limited to the following: complete design-build abilities for the installation , alterations and repairs  of both fire sprinkler and fire standpipe systems; NFPA 25 inspection and testing services; Local Law 26 evaluation and compliance; prompt correction of all FDNY violations ; -5- year hydro-static pressure tests of sprinkler and standpipe Siamese connections; emergency service and repairs;  fire pump installations, testing and repairs; Fire Extinguisher sales and re-charging; and all fire safety related products and equipment.

We work hard to know that your sprinkler system is fire ready and prepared to function as designed. We will provide you the service and respect that our customers have depended on for many years. Don’t take chances with any fire sprinkler inspections in Rockland County without contacting AllState Sprinkler Corp. first. If you need emergency assistance, Allstate Sprinkler Corp is a 24hr emergency based fire suppression contractor. Contact us today at 718-597-4060.