Shutting Down a Sprinkler Emergency in Manhattan

Your business products are your bottom line. Running a viable business in Manhattan takes every ounce of skill and knowledge of the marketplace that your clients seek most.

While emergencies and accidents happen – they don’t help your business quarter to go as expected or help you attain the goals set for the company.

AllState Sprinkler Corporation wants you to know that these types of emergencies or accidents don’t have to hurt your bottom line in any great way. Especially when you know to call AllState Sprinkler Corporation when anything like that happens.

Fire sprinkler components and automatic fire sprinklers have a risk of accidentally going off or malfunctioning which could result in your building or your merchandise getting soaked and costing a bunch of money.

Accidental discharges can be caused by a number of things, including: Corrosion, Mechanical Damage, Over-Heating or even deliberate sabotage. Prevention is always the best preparation for these types of issues and most certainly can be achieved with regular maintenance and inspections.

But in the absence of that, know that AllState Sprinkler Corporation has your best interests in mind. Do not panic!! Your first phone call should be to Allstate Sprinkler Corporation at 718-597-4060. Help will be on the way immediately. The local fire department may pay you a visit if your sprinkler system is connected to a central dispatch center. Our hands-on experiencewill guide you through the necessary steps in order to alleviate an emergency situation.

You can be assured that Allstate Sprinkler Corporation will make every attempt in order to answer your emergency call as quickly as possible. Every attempt will be made in order to calm you on the telephone during any emergency situation and help you reach a quick and effective solution. Allstate Sprinkler Corporation will be there for you and your company — every day at any time!!

AllState Sprinkler Corporation seeks to strive for perfection every day, in every decision, at any cost. Regardless of the task, performance at the highest level possible is our goal. Employees are continually trained and equipped  with the best skills and technology. Helping clients, providing the best choices and solutions along with up-to-date industry trends are practices your company can count on. AllState Sprinkler Corporation chooses to be pro-active and always follow up. As a successful company AllState Sprinkler Corporation is never satisfied with just ‘good enough’.


Allstate Sprinkler Corp. is the leading force for fire sprinkler system installations in Manhattan and throughout NYC. If you have any questions pertaining to a sprinkler systemrepair, installation,   commercial sprinkler systems, hydrostatic pressure test, or fire sprinkler test in NYC, Nassau County, Brooklyn NY, Manhattan, Long Island NY, and Queens NY, contact Allstate Sprinkler Corp. at (718) 597-4060 to shut down a sprinkler emergency.