Fire Sprinkler Repairs

Allstate Sprinkler has an extensive repair division consisting of skilled mechanics. New York City is always under repair. We have the experience to repair the smallest leak or the largest pipe break whether it be above or below the ground.

In order to keep your fire sprinkler systems in proper working order, Allstate Sprinkler Corp offers a variety of fire sprinkler repair services, such as:

Fire Sprinkler Mechanical Repairs

In order to stay compliant with FDNY fire code and building code in NYC, you should make sure to repair any mechanical failures immediately. This may include repairing valves, sprinkler heads, standpipes, fire hydrants, water tanks, fire hoses, and fire pumps. Don’t worry our repair division can help detect and repair the problem!

Fire Sprinkler Plumbing Repairs

There are a variety of plumbing malfunctions that can occur in your fire sprinkler systems. Allstate Sprinklers can help repair frozen fire sprinklers or standpipe lines, ruptured fire sprinkler lines, leaky fire hydrants or fire house connections, rusted valves and sprinkler heads. Avoid FDNY violations, hire a licensed fire sprinkler contractor in New York City to repair your system.

We are also available for routine fire sprinkler maintenance repairs and testing! Find out more about our maintenance schedules and repair services, call 718-597-4060 today!

Allstate Sprinklers Corp. are experts in commercial fire sprinkler system installation. If you have any questions pertaining to commercial fire sprinkler installation, residential fire sprinkler systems, fire system installations, fire system repairs, fire department sprinkler testing, 5 year standpipe test, sprinkler system inspection in NYC, Manhattan, Bronx NY, Brooklyn NY, Queens NY, or Long Island, contact Allstate Sprinklers Corp. at: (718) 597-4060.