Commercial Fire Sprinkler Installation

Whether it be fire sprinkler system installations, minor repairs, interior alterations, retrofits of existing structures, or the construction of a new hi-rise building, Allstate Sprinkler Corp. is prepared to complete any sized project in NYC or throughout the state of New York. We have successfully worked within all types of commercial, industrial, institutional and warehouse facilities. We offer commercial sprinkler systems as well as residential fire sprinkler systems. Our projects are designed and installed in strict accordance with the rules and regulations of the National Fire Protection Association’s standard #13 as well as the New York City Building and Fire Departments’ requirements.

types of fire suppression systems and components we install

  • Wet / Dry systems
  • Preaction sprinkler systems – Single / Double Interlocked
  • Rack storage systems
  • ESFR (Early Suppression Fast Response) sprinkler systems
  • Roof and ground storage tank installations
  • Special hazard systems
  • Underground fire lines
  • Centrifugal and vertical fire pump installations and upgrades

We have the technology to perform and calculate hydraulic requirements and generate a materials list from a set of drawings for your commercial building in NYC including Long Island and the Bronx.

Our company vehicles and job-site “gang” boxes contain the most modern tools and equipment in order to perform the installation process of threading, grooving and welding in a safe and accurate manner.

Constant training through American Fire Sprinkler Association apprenticeship programs and other organizations to ensure our technicians are always trained in the latest technologies available.

At Allstate Sprinkler Corp., the working capacity and fire ready condition of your sprinkler system are paramount. Our inspection routine inspections evaluate and test your sprinkler system in order to assure you that your facility is being maintained and will function as designed.

We are very proud to say that we provide service to thousands of buildings throughout the tri-state region. Our inspections and tests will provide you with the comforting knowledge that your sprinkler system has not been subject to any vandalism, deterioration or in-house maintenance problems.

It is very important for your staff to realize and recognize that your building is protected by a sprinkler system as well as how it works if needed. Allstate Sprinkler Corporation can demonstrate to your staff the working components of your sprinkler system as well as provide you with any information that may clarify any myths or questions you may have.


Sprinkler systems do not “just go off”. Most accidents take place due to extreme cold weather conditions, lack of heat, in-house vandalism and unfortunate accidents. We perform all preventative measures in order to avoid any problems that could exist with your system(s). Our inspection contracts are designed to review a multi-point checklist during each inspection. This method of inspection permits us to provide a thorough and documented account of the status of your sprinkler system(s).

We are extremely concerned with knowing that your sprinkler system is fire ready and prepared to function as designed. We will provide you the service and respect that our customers have depended on for many years.


Allstate Sprinkler has an extensive repair division consisting of skilled mechanics. New York City is always under repair. We have the experience to repair the smallest leak or the largest pipe break whether it be above or below the ground.

In order to keep your fire sprinkler systems in proper working order, Allstate Sprinkler Corp offers a variety of fire sprinkler repair services, such as:

Fire Sprinkler Mechanical Repairs

In order to stay compliant with FDNY fire code and building code in NYC, you should make sure to repair any mechanical failures immediately. This may include repairing valves, sprinkler heads, standpipes, fire hydrants, water tanks, fire hoses, and fire pumps. Don’t worry our repair division can help detect and repair the problem!

Fire Sprinkler Plumbing Repairs

There are a variety of plumbing malfunctions that can occur in your fire sprinkler systems. Allstate Sprinklers can help repair frozen fire sprinklers or standpipe lines, ruptured fire sprinkler lines, leaky fire hydrants or fire house connections, rusted valves and sprinkler heads. Avoid FDNY violations, hire a licensed fire sprinkler contractor in New York City to repair your system.

We are also available for routine fire sprinkler maintenance repairs and testing! Find out more about our maintenance schedules and repair services, call 718-597-4060 today!


Allstate Sprinkler Corporation performs field acceptance testing of newly installed as well as existing sprinkler systems and fire pumps. These tests demonstrate that all the devices and fire pump components perform according to the manufacturers’ specifications as well as proving that the water supply is adequate. Insurance flow tests and fire pump performance tests can deteriorate over time or be affected by impairments to water supplies. Regular testing can identify these problems and ensure that the sprinkler system and fire pump operate when needed.

Hydrostatic Pressure Testing

Many building projects throughout New York City must comply with standpipe hydrostatic pressure testing requirements, and Allstate Sprinklers can help! If you have questions or concerns about the standpipe systems in your building, or NYC standpipe system requirements, call us at 718-597-4060.

Have you been served a FDNY violation? Don’t worry, we can help! Find out more about¬†FDNY Violations and Testing.

Allstate Sprinklers Corp. are experts in commercial fire sprinkler system installation. If you have any questions pertaining to commercial fire sprinkler installation, residential fire sprinkler systems, fire system installations, fire system repairs, fire department sprinkler testing, 5 year standpipe test, sprinkler system inspection in NYC, Manhattan, Bronx NY, Brooklyn NY, Queens NY, or Long Island, contact Allstate Sprinklers Corp. at: (718) 597-4060.