Retail Fire Sprinkler Systems in NYC

The enforcement of New York City’s Local Law 26, which mandates the retrofit installation of sprinkler systems, including retail establishments, is resulting in non-compliance with quarterly fines being assessed until the facility is brought up to code.

The law does not pertain to every building, however, fire sprinklers do save lives and property and can significantly reduce property insurance premiums. In order to mitigate insurance rate increases, install fire sprinklers and have them properly inspected and tested by Allstate Sprinkler Corp – NYC’s premier Master Fire sprinkler contractor.

What Types of Retail Stores Need Protection?

Being that NYC is one of the busiest retail centers in the world, it’s even more important to protect your retail store with a fire sprinkler system. Some of the different types of retail stores that you’ll find in NYC that need protecting include:

  • Department stores.
  • Specialty stores.
  • Supermarkets.
  • Drug stores.
  • Convenience stores.
  • Discount stores.

Fire Sprinkler System Installation

The best fire protection for retail stores is a fire sprinkler system. Allstate Sprinkler is a licensed fire protection contractor service holding an outstanding reputation with the FDNY and the DOB as well as our partnership with small and large retail establishments.

Retail stores present some challenges to installation. The first step for installing a fully designed sprinkler system is to hire a licensed Master Fire sprinkler contractor such as Allstate Sprinkler. Our expert engineers will take into consideration all of the factors when designing the system. Each retail facility must be custom-designed taking into account the following factors:

  • Type of product being stored on shelves.
  • Height of shelving and racking.
  • Construction type and classification.
  • Aisle width.
  • Commodity classification.

There are other factors that must be considered as well. For instance, if an area is exposed to higher than normal heat – even from something as simple as sunlight or spotlights – this condition must be taken into account. Exposure to cold temperatures must be taken into account as well. Sprinkler heads and the associated piping activate and react individually as a direct result of local heating, or lack of heating, thereby requiring specific design elements to be incorporated at those areas. Allstate Sprinkler has everything readily available to design and install your entire system.

Once all of the factors have been considered, a team of engineers will use customized CAD technology to create the most cost-effective design for your building.

As NYC’s premier fire sprinkler contractor and equipment supplier, we’ve installed thousands of systems in every conceivable type of business.

Inspection of Protection System

Fire sprinkler systems can’t just be installed and ignored. A fire sprinkler test or inspection must be performed on a predetermined basis. Even if they’re not legally required, you still need them inspected to ensure proper functioning.

NPFA 25 is the governing regulation for fire sprinkler system inspections. It lists the different inspections to be performed at each level:

  • Weekly visual inspections.
  • Monthly inspections.
  • Detailed quarterly inspections.
  • Annual testing.
  • Five-year thorough testing.

You can perform your own weekly visual inspections if you wish. The FDNY can even certify a designated employee to perform them. The other inspections and testing, however, must be performed by a licensed Master Fire sprinkler contractor.

Each type of inspection will include the items previously inspected along with more components or tests. For instance, the quarterly inspection will include inspecting the fire sprinkler riser, while the annual one will include a full fire pump test.

All sprinkler inspection companies who operate in The Bronx, Queens, or any borough must be certified by FDNY. Even if your building doesn’t require sprinklers, most insurance companies will provide a massive discount on their policy costs if you have a working sprinkler system and all your inspections logged.

Allstate Sprinkler does this for you. We record every aspect of our inspections and keep copies of these records in the cloud for immediate availability. If your insurance company – or the City of New York – has any questions or threatens a violation, we have all the information at the click of a mouse.

Retail Store Fire Sprinkler Violations (and How to Remove Them)

Not all retail stores are required to have sprinkler systems. However, if the building you’re in is at least 100 feet tall or in a residential building, chances are you must install and maintain a certified system. Allstate Sprinkler can help you determine what laws cover you.

Most FDNY violations in Brooklyn and Staten Island are for improper record keeping. If you use Allstate Sprinkler, that won’t happen. In many cases, more serious violations can have their fines either reduced or eliminated once proof of compliance is given.

We also repair all types of fire sprinkler systems – even ones designed by other companies. We maintain a fully self-sufficient operation and have a huge supply of fittings and parts.

Why Choose Allstate Sprinkler?

If you’ve ever wondered, “Is there a fire sprinkler company near me?”, the answer is yes! Allstate Sprinkler has been serving the greater New York City metropolitan area for about 50 years. We’ve serviced over 5,000 facilities and have been recognized with a number of awards.

We started as a mom-and-pop operation and now are considered the most responsive fire sprinkler contractors in NYC. With over 150 full-time employees, we offer 24/7 emergency service. No other fire sprinkler contractor has the personnel or experience to match ours.

How To Contact Us

If you’ve received a violation or need an estimate for the installation or repair of your sprinkler system, contact us today for a free quote. In order to expedite the process, if you can provide us with some basic information about the building (construction type, elevation, square footage) we can accurately provide you with a quote and get the process started. We look forward to working with you!