Life Safety Equipment Repairs for NYC

Do you have the life safety equipment your business needs to prevent and respond to emergencies? Are you able to find these at affordable prices from reliable companies or are you in the market for a new fire protection equipment supplier? Allstate Sprinkler is confident that we can provide the exceptional customer service and expertise it takes to make you a lifelong customer.

Fire Safety Products

Most people become overwhelmed after the first attempt at trying to buy fire safety equipment. There are so many products to choose from, you might start to wonder what’s necessary and what can wait. Here are the main products you should add to your list:

  1. Fire Detectors: There are two main types of devices that detect fires and trigger an alarm. As the names imply, smoke detectors respond to smoke and heat detectors respond to high temperatures.
  2. Sprinkler System Components: Many different components are combined together to build a fire sprinkler system. All of these must function as designed so that a fire sprinkler system can suppress a fire under real fire conditions.
  3. Fire Extinguishers: A portable fire extinguisher can stop the spread of a small fire. Security professionals generally know how to operate an extinguisher. Training other workers also improves the odds of extinguishing small fires before they become uncontrollable.
  4. Extinguisher Cabinets: Some owners leave extinguishers on the floor or tucked into a corner or tucked away out of sight. These extinguishers can quickly go missing , become tripping hazards or inaccessible during a real fire situation. Use cabinets to ensure people know where to find them at all times.
  5. First Aid Kits: Not all emergencies are large. A small fire in an office space can still lead to minor burns or bruises that you can treat with the contents of a first aid kit. In the right hands, these kits can also help save lives when larger emergencies take place.
  6. Fire Hydrants: Fire hydrants provide access to the public water supply used by local fire departments to fight fires. Hydrants need to be flushed and tested regularly to ensure that they are not obstructed and run free and clear of water during a true fire emergency.
  7. Fire Hose: Fire hoses are constructed much differently than the typical garden hose that homeowners are accustomed to. Fire hose is specifically designed to withstand the high pressures and high volumes of water from fire hydrants.

What To Expect

As a fire equipment supplier, we pride ourselves on keeping all the products in stock that our clients might need to build or replace the fire safety components within their buildings. From fire escapes to fire detectors — we have it all. And if there is something you need that we don’t have in stock, we have the resources to obtain it very quickly.

Allstate Sprinkler – NYC’s Preferred Fire Safety Equipment Supplier

We’ve been working in the fire safety industry for 50 years and employ 150 well-trained, full-time team members who are ready to serve you. We maintain a small business approach to building relationships with our clients – so much so that many of them know our workers by name.

In early March of 2020, one of our customers said, “Allstate is a great company to work with. They are very responsive and their senior foreman Kevin is extremely knowledgeable and an outstanding mechanic. I have been doing business with Allstate for 27 years and can’t speak highly enough about Adam and Mark, and their entire staff.” Allstate Sprinkler is very proud of holding on to our customers for 27 years and have worked with several others for even longer than this.

Make Us Your Fire Protection Equipment Supplier

When contacting us, please be sure to provide us with a list so we know exactly what your business needs. If you’re not sure what you need to keep your business safe or you’d like to go beyond the bare minimum, schedule a walk through with Allstate Sprinkler. We’ll visit your facility, make notes of the safety equipment you have in place and then advise you on the next best purchases. Please use the contact form below to get started today.