FDNY Fire Sprinkler Violation Removal

Many building owners are faced with receiving a Notice of Violation from the FDNY. These notices can become actual violations, if not answered timely, and can develop into relatively minor to very serious and very costly penalties or even criminal charges.

The single most effective action you can take upon receiving an FDNY Notice of Violation is to contact Allstate Sprinkler Corporation immediately. If you act immediately, the fines can usually be avoided or substantially reduced. And if you had to appear in court, it would work in your favor if you answered the Notice of Violations as timely as possible.

NYC’s Local Law 26

The laws are strict and, in some cases, confusing. The FDNY issues Notices of Violations related to fire sprinkler issues. The issues can range from performing NFPA#25 inspections or abiding by NYC’s Local Law 26.

One of the most common violations is VC-5: Failure to produce a permit and/or record. How do you address this violation?

  1. Your inspection company must keep perfect records.
  2. Your permit must be properly displayed.
  3. Your records must be available immediately upon demand.

If you don’t have perfect records, as far as the FDNY is concerned, your sprinkler system doesn’t even exist. Allstate Sprinkler keeps all your records digitally on file and can instantly provide them exactly what you need.

Problems With Key Parts

When the FDNY comes to inspect your system, they want to see all systems in working order. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • No obstructions near sprinkler heads.
  • Extra parts on location.
  • Required clearance around fire sprinkler riser.
  • All piping must be color-coded.
  • Fire pumps must be labeled.
  • Records of all required inspections.

FDNY Regulations – Periodic Sprinkler System Testing

A fire sprinkler test, or at least testing of certain components, is a regular part of the NFPA25 regimen. You must also perform a fire pump test on a set schedule, depending on the type and source of power. The fire pump churn test is also required monthly. Failure to test as required may result in a Notice of Violation when the FDNY checks your records.

These issues are simple to prevent; entrust Allstate Sprinkler Corporation to perform the inspections and required testing. We will always perform on time and keep accurate records.

FAQs About Fire Sprinkler Violations

Q: Do you always have to pay a fine or appear in court if you have been issued a Notice of Violation?

A: On every Notice of Violation, there is a “cure date.” If you address the Notice of Violation prior to that date and make the necessary repairs or perform the necessary inspections, you do not have to appear in court, nor pay a fine. This is an excellent example of why you need to contact us ASAP.

Q: How do you prove compliance if you do have to appear in court?

A: If the Notice of Violation was not answered timely or the problem was not resolved timely, you have the right to appear before the Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings/Environmental Control Board (OATH) tribunal. This can either be a ‘horrible’ experience, or a breeze. If the Notice of Violation was provided to us timely and you contracted with us, we can provide the paperwork necessary to prove your compliance.

Q: What other options do I have when resolving a violation if I didn’t answer it on time or didn’t submit it to your office on time ?

A: You can also admit guilt before the hearing and submit payment or ask for a stipulation. If granted, you won’t have to attend the hearing, you’ll receive 75 additional days to comply and the fine may be cut by as much as half. Mitigation is also an option at the hearing. That’s an option if you admit guilt and have proof of correction when you appear.

Why Choose Allstate Sprinkler

Choosing the right fire sprinkler service makes all the difference when answering Notices of Violations. When you choose a service provider who doesn’t have the training, experience or knowledge to accurately inspect your system, you run the risk of receiving Notices of Violation(s). These can derive from:

  • Sloppy record keeping.
  • Employees not certified to perform inspections.
  • Inadequate system design.
  • Failure to inspect.

Choose THE most trusted fire sprinkler company in New York City. Allstate Sprinkler has 50 years of industry experience installing, inspecting, testing, and repairing fire sprinkler systems in all 5 boroughs of NYC – plus much of the surrounding area.

If you’ve received a Notice of Violation and contact us quickly, we can immediately advise you of the problem and have it addressed quickly. If the building doesn’t have a sprinkler system and is now required to have such a system installed, our in-house team of fire sprinkler engineers can design, build and install the entire system for you.

Contact Us for Your FNDY Violations

Over 5 decades we’ve developed an outstanding reputation with the FDNY and once you choose Allstate Sprinkler to assist you with answering the Notices of Violation, you’ll realize that we make the process as easy and as seamless as possible.