Fire Sprinkler System Installation in NYC

A properly working and tested fire sprinkler system is one the most important actions you can take to prevent deaths and save property during a fire emergency.
A recent study by the National Fire Protection Association identified sprinklered buildings with an 87 percent lower rate of fatalities than non-sprinklered buildings and 97 percent of fires were confined to the original room where they started.

The National Fire Protection Association issues guidelines for all local municipalities pertaining to minimum installation, testing and inspection requirements.

Most commercial and many multi-family residential buildings require an active fire sprinkler system to be installed by a licensed Master Fire sprinkler contractor (LMFSC).

NFPA # 25 Regulations

In 2012, New York City adopted the NFPA #25 testing and inspection requirements for water-based fire protection systems. All new installations, as well as all existing systems in place, must meet NFPA, FDNY and New York City Department of Building Code requirements. Almost all new commercial and new residential construction requires sprinklers. These regulations have been developed over many decades from real-world experience. The NFPA #13 standard provides guidance for new sprinkler system installations including all aspects of a fire sprinkler system’s design and components.

Some of those design items are:

  • Spacing of sprinkler heads.
  • Pipe sizes.
  • Type of sprinkler heads.
  • Quantify of sprinkler heads.
  • Hydraulic calculations.
  • Seismic bracing requirements.
  • Water demand and volume of water requirements.
  • Hydrostatic testing requirements.

The FDNY is a life-saving entity and is extremely proactive issuing Notice of Violations to those who do not maintain their fire sprinkler systems. The FDNY issued thousands of violations in 2019 and if you do receive a Notice of Violation, you’ll have to either repair or install a system; can face very serious fines and may even have your business shut down or a residential building declared uninhabitable.

What to Expect When You Choose Allstate Sprinkler

Allstate Sprinkler is here to assist you with all your fire sprinkler needs. We understand that many building owners and landlords are facing the current requirements with confusion and anxiety. However, we offer competitive pricing across many different types of services. There are also situations where our costs might be offset by reductions of insurance premiums.

We follow precise steps that have a proven track record in problem-solving:

  1. We are Licensed Master Fire Sprinkler Contractors with 50 years of industry experience who will evaluate your building’s needs
  2. Your system will then be designed and engineered to meet code and insurance requirements and reduce overall costs as best as possible.
  3. Engineered plans are filed with the local municipalities.
  4. Once approved, we secure our permits and the installation begins.
  5. Upon completion, the system is tested and inspected left in a fire-ready position.

When Allstate Sprinkler is hired to be your fire protection contractor, we provide many services to respond and act quickly, especially if there are violations involved. Many fines can be reduced or eliminated by quick actions taken and we make all efforts in order to estimate, file, design and install systems in smaller facilities where these processes might be able to be expedited.

FAQs About Installation

Q: What types of buildings do we offer fire protection services for?
A: The list is endless, but a partial list includes Warehouses, Schools, Government, Retail, Residential, Hospitals, Zoos, Museums, Prisons, Theaters, Stadiums, Airports, Playhouses, and many more.

Q: What licenses/certifications do your installers have?
A: All of our installers must pass a rigorous apprenticeship program designed to ensure the highest level of proficiency. They are all OSHA 40 certified and many carry individual S-12 and S-13 Certificates of Fitness. Our design team are all NICET Level 2 and 3 certified and the principals of the firm hold Master Fire Suppression Licenses and all necessary FDNY certifications at the company levels.

Why Choose Allstate Sprinkler?

It’s a simple answer – we care like no other firm in NYC and have more experience than most. We prioritize YOUR needs and YOUR budget. Other fire sprinkler companies in NYC often cut corners, including:

  • Hiring day workers who are not insurable and have little or no experience.
  • Poor record-keeping.
  • Failing to respond to violations on time.

If you need THE most trustworthy fire sprinkler company in New York City, look no further. Allstate Sprinkler is located in the Bronx, NY and has teams ready to immediately service all five boroughs, along with Long Island and northern New Jersey. We were recognized as Bronx Business of The Year in 2012 and for almost 50 years, we’ve provided fire sprinkler installation services to more than 5,000 of New York City’s buildings. As consultants, we’ve also advised major clients about how they can improve their systems and reduce violations.

We are NYC’s leading fire sprinkler company for inspections, testing, repairs and installation:

  • Decades of experience and developing an outstanding reputation with the FDNY.
  • Awarded the New York Construction Legacy Award in 2016.
  • Bronx Business of the Year in 2012
  • All certification for all engineers and employees.
  • Consistent positive reviews from building managers.
  • Cutting-edge CAD technology to design your system.
  • All employees are full time, W-2 employees.

Contact Us

If you need an immediate, and free, estimate, please provide us with a few things about your business including: any violations you’ve received: the existing system(s) and their visible condition; the size of the building and it’s occupancy and use. We will then visit your facility and prepare a written proposal for any and all issues that we discovered. Contact us today for your fire sprinkler installation job!