Fire Sprinkler Testing In Brooklyn, Ny

In need of fire sprinkler testing in Brooklyn, NY? When it comes to such a high-priority job, Allstate Sprinkler Corp. knows sprinkler testing is extremely important. We have over 100 full time employees on staff, trained and supervised throughout a comprehensive apprenticeship.

Fire safety

Fire safety for residents in Brooklyn, NY is something that has been embedded in our minds since we were children. We can all remember receiving a visitor from the fire department in our classrooms and going through the procedures of fire drills and fire safety tools that can be applied any time at any place.

Without sprinkler testing, we would be at risk if a fire was ignited and the sprinkler systems were not working. As a result, testing fire sprinklers is incredibly important for the protection of individuals in Brooklyn, NY.

Fire Sprinkler Testing

At Allstate Sprinkler Corp., we perform 5-year hydrostatic pressure tests on a daily basis with Fire Department personnel. Our testing crews work on sprinkler and standpipe systems.

Five year hydrostatic pressure tests are life-saving procedures. These tests simulate actual fire department events that take place during a fire. We perform these tests as accurately as we can in order to assure that your sprinkler system will always be ready to take action in case of a fire.

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