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According to the National Fire Protection Association, around 7,000 restaurants across the country experienced fires in the last few years. Although kitchen fires are relatively common due to the high temperatures and flammable oils, taking protective measures can help lower the chances of a fire occurring in your restaurant. Here’s what you can do to keep your business safe.

Install Fire Protection Equipment

Fire protection equipment is one of the most efficient ways to safely extinguish a fire and keep your restaurant safe. Because cooking equipment is responsible for more than 60% of kitchen fires, it’s important to have a commercial kitchen fire sprinkler system in place. This system utilizes foam extinguishers to deprive the fire of oxygen and put out the flames without leaving behind any residue.

Another effective way to extinguish flames is to install a fire sprinkler system. Sprinklers can control a fire in its early stages before it advances into a larger blaze, which can save lives and reduce damage to your restaurant. An exhaust system is also required for all commercial kitchens to discharge fumes. Be sure to clean your exhaust system regularly, as grease particles can build up in the hood and create a fire hazard. Lastly, installing emergency lighting is helpful in case a fire causes a power outage. This can allow your employees and patrons to evacuate the restaurant safely.

Train Your Staff in Fire Prevention Techniques

Although fire protection equipment is beneficial in preventing fires, training your staff in fire prevention techniques adds another layer of security. One of the most important practices is to maintain a clean kitchen. This includes:

  • Cleaning cooking surfaces thoroughly.
  • Discarding garbage, dirty rags, ashes and boxes at the end of the day.
  • Storing cooking fuels in tightly sealed containers.
  • Keeping paper products and linens away from cooking surfaces or other sources of heat.

In addition, creating a designated smoking area that’s a safe distance away from your restaurant can keep your business safe. Be sure to offer ashtrays for proper cigarette disposal. In case of a fire, use a Class K fire extinguisher. Most commonly used to put out cooking fires, Class K extinguishers release an alkaline mixture that combines with burning oil or fat to safely put out flames.

How Allstate Sprinkler Can Help

At Allstate Sprinkler, we perform routine inspections to ensure that your fire sprinklers are in working order. If your restaurant needs a new sprinkler system installed, our team of experienced professionals can design, build and install the whole system for you. Call us today to request a free estimate.