Fire Extinguisher Violation Removal

Have you recently learned the hard way the importance of keeping your building’s fire extinguisher testing and inspections up to date? If you’ve been issued a fire extinguisher Notice of Violation from the FDNY, you likely need and want answers to your questions and some clarification on what this means and how you can fix it.

The path to removing your fire extinguisher Notice of Violations may seem overwhelming and is loaded with requirements satisfying before the Notice of Violation can be answered. Let Allstate Sprinkler Corporation be your partner through this time.

Working with Allstate Sprinkler to ensure your fire extinguishers are tested and meet FDNY and NFPA#10 requirements is the most effective way to confirm your building’s fire safety needs and preparedness. Not only do we have the skills, certifications and licenses to inspect and test your fire extinguisher equipment, but we’re also your ally throughout the process of filing the appropriate paperwork, performing any needed repairs and restoring you to full compliance with the FDNY’s inspection and testing requirements.

Fire Extinguisher Regulations

If you have been issued a fire extinguisher Notice of Violation, you are now faced with certain legal requirements and responsibilities. The process of satisfying the requirements includes filling applicable paperwork, performing the actual inspections, testing and recharging/replacement of the fire extinguishers and possibly scheduling a court appearance. FDNY Notice of Violations are comprised of -3- parts: the actual scope of work needed to be addressed; the ‘cure’ date; and the potential court appearance. A certificate of correction must be filed with the FDNY prior to the cure date. If not, you will need to appear in court.

The requirement for compliance is a form specific to the FDNY and is your agreement that an existing violation was presented and has now been complied with. The form must be notarized if all the items were corrected, or if only partial corrections have been satisfied as well as your plans for attending the scheduled hearings. Allstate Sprinkler Corporation is fully versed and knowledgeable on the intricacies of completing and filing paperwork accurately and quickly in order to minimize fines and avoid court appearances.

What To Expect When Testing Fire Extinguishers

When you choose to work with Allstate Sprinkler for assistance in violation removal and fire extinguisher testing, you can expect to have your questions answered quickly and your concerns addressed. We immediately help you begin the process of satisfying the requirements of your Notice of Violations so you can quickly move past these inconveniences. Even more importantly, we test and inspect your fire extinguishers and are certified to service them and make the appropriate repairs. Ensuring that fire extinguishers meet FDNY / NFPA# 10 requirements and are ready for successful operation could make the difference between life and death in the event of an emergency.


  • Q: Will I have to attend a hearing to clear my fire extinguisher violation?
  • A: If the violation is addressed immediately, the issues are promptly fixed and documented accordingly and the correct paperwork is accurately filed, you may not be required to attend a hearing. If the violation is ignored, issues remain unaddressed or cannot be completely corrected on time, a court hearing may be unavoidable. Working with trusted experts at Allstate Sprinkler ensures you stay on the right path throughout the process.
  • Q: What requirements must be met to satisfy fire extinguisher violations?
  • A: The necessary requirements depend on the type of Notice of Violation received. All violations require the paperwork to be answered and the cited issues to be addressed. Allstate Sprinkler is extremely qualified to review the Notice of Violation and assist you with correcting any noted issues and completing the required testing.

Why You Should Choose Allstate Sprinkler

Let us be your trusted partner in navigating the sometimes confusing and overwhelming process of removing fire extinguisher Notice of Violations and performing the appropriate inspections and or testing. We have provided quality service in the field of fire extinguisher inspection, testing, repairs and sales for nearly 50 years. We are pillars in the community for providing advice, direction and keeping NYC building occupants safe and prepared in the event of a fire. We are certified and licensed experts who are prepared to see you through to the end of the process of satisfying violation requirements.

Contact Us

If you’ve found yourself in the position of needing guidance through the process of fulfilling FDNY Notice of Violation requirements, Allstate Sprinkler is prepared to assist you. Please be prepared to share specific details of the issued Notice of Violation, as well as any applicable building and fire safety equipment information. Reach out to us today and we will assist you remove Notice of Violations as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible.