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Fire Department Sprinkler Testing New York City

What does being a New York City Fire Sprinkler System Inspector take?

A New York City fire sprinkler system inspector is a civil-service job and as such it is a position that is recruited through a standardized written examination given by the NYFD. The application materials for just the test are specific and may take some effort for the potential test taker to gather and complete for submission.

Certificate of Fitness

New York City Fire Department requires a “certificate of fitness” application to be submitted before being scheduled for the instpector’s exam. The application is available for download from the City as a PDF.

Application Information

A $25.00 application fee is payable by cash, credit, money order, or personal check. Note that debit cards are NOT accepted as a form of payment—application Fees: $25.00 for originals and $5.00 for renewals. Checks should be made payable to the New York City Fire Department. The $25.00 fee must be paid before being allowed to take the test. Application forms are available at:

Public Certification Unit

1st Floor

9 MetroTech Center

Brooklyn, NY 11201

or at this link:

Test Information

The New York City Fire Department examination for Fire Sprinkler Inspectors is known as S-12. The NYFD advises prospective test takers that, “the S-12 test will consist of 75 multiple-choice questions, administered on a ‘touch screen’ computer monitor. It is a time-limit test. A passing score of at least 70% is required to secure a Certificate of Fitness.

Call (718) 999-1988 for additional information and forms.


The following materials will be provided to you as reference material when you take the test (however, the booklet will not be provided to you during the test).

  1. Temperature Ratings Classifications and Color Coding Table
  2. Reference Guide for inspection, testing and maintenance (Section XII)
  3. Inspection Testing and Maintenance of Sprinkler Systems Activities & Records (Section XIII)
  4. Reference guide for inspection, testing and maintenance (S-95 Supervision) for fire alarm systems & other related systems

Please always check for the latest revised booklet at the FDNY website before you take the test:

Qualification requirements

  1. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age.
  2. Applicants must have a reasonable understanding of the English language.
  3. Applicant must provide two forms of identification, at least one form of identification must be a government-issued photo identification, such as a state-issued drivers’ license or non-drivers license or a passport.
  4. Applicants must present a letter of recommendation from his/her employer. The letter must be on official letterhead and must state the applicant’s full name, experience, and the address where the applicant will work. If the applicants are self-employed or the company’s principal, they must submit a notarized letter attesting to their qualifications. The sample letters are available at the link:

or at:

Public Certification Unit

1st floor

9 MetroTech Center

Brooklyn, NY 11201

  1. Applicants not currently employed may take the test without the recommendation letter. If the applicants pass the test, FDNY will issue a temporary letter with picture for the job seeking purpose. The Certificate-of-Fitness card will not be issued unless the applicants are employed and provide the recommendation letter from his/her employer.

Are you considering a career as a New York City Fire Department sprinkler inspector?

In need of fire department sprinkler test in New York City? When it comes to such a high-priority job, Allstate Sprinkler, LLC knows sprinkler testing is extremely important. We have over 100 full-time employees on staff, trained and supervised throughout a comprehensive apprenticeship.

Fire Department Sprinkler Test in New York City

Suppose you or your business have been served a fire department sprinkler violation in New York City. In that case, you’ll need a professional company specializing in fire sprinkler testing to bring your equipment up to code. That’s where Allstate Sprinkler, LLC comes in. We are the experts in New York City fire sprinkler tests and inspections.

We make it our responsibility to provide the top fire sprinkler testing in New York City and other New York areas, so as to eliminate any fire department hassle for you and your business. We use the tests to determine that any newly installed or previously existing fire sprinkler equipment operates to the manufacturers’ and the fire department’s standards. In addition, we ensure that the water supply is adequate.

5-Year Hydrostatic Pressure Test

At Allstate Sprinkler, LLC, we perform 5-year hydrostatic pressure tests in New York City on a daily basis with Fire Department personnel. Our testing crews work on sprinkler and standpipe systems.

Five year hydrostatic pressure tests are life-saving procedures. These tests simulate actual fire department events that take place during a fire. We perform these tests as accurately as we can in order to assure that your sprinkler system will always be ready to take action in case of a fire.

Fire Protection Agency Law

As of January, 2012, the National Fire Protection Agency Standard #25 law was enacted in New York. The NFPA 25 law requires all business owners to have their fire safety equipment inspected, tested, and serviced at the appropriate intervals by a licensed individual or company. These requirements are significantly more rigid than businesses may have been used to over the past half century, but failure to keep up with these inspections can result in substantial fines for your local company in New York City.

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