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FDNY ARC System Testing

An ARC System provides a dedicated communication medium for the First Responders while responding to the emergency in that particular building. The First Responders, including the FDNY, NYPD, EMTs, FBI, CIA, Port Authority PD, and the Federal Secret Service are able to communicate via a frequency spectrum that is exclusive to their equipment.

Regular, monthly testing of an ARC System ensures that the communication systems work exactly as they are designed. Hopefully you would never need to use these systems in a true emergency, however, it is very important to maintain their integrity and fulfill the FDNY testing requirements in order to avoid any violations.

FDNY ARCS In-Building Radio System Testing Regulations

A successful FDNY radio system test ensures adequate signal strength in all areas of the building that might be accessed by First Responders . Upon completion of the installation and commissioning of an ARCS, the Fire Department of New York requires routing inspections and testing to ensure the systems’ integrity.

This testing requires a licensed company and certified individual to oversee the process. This professional must hold a Certificate of Fitness issued by the Fire Department of New York. This person oversees the testing process and holds the prerequisite skills pertaining to New York City’s Fire Code, Building Code and the standards that are applicable to each ARCS test.

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What To Expect During ARCS Testing

Property managers at high-rise buildings often have daily testing measures in place. For instance, security personnel might need to make a test call on the radio at the start of each shift or in the morning to ensure the system is up and running. However, when it comes to fulfilling the expectations of the FDNY, licensed contractors are required to maintain specific certifications.

This certification ensures property managers and building owners that the firm conducting these tests follows the same standards used by the Fire Department of New York. While performing these tests, we will identify any issues with the ARCS equipment and assist in-house personnel rectify any problems they may have been experiencing.

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Allstate Sprinkler – NYC’s Best ARCS Repair Company

Here are just some of the reasons building owners and managers choose us for their ARCS testing needs:

  • Workforce: No matter how large your building is, our 150 full-time employees will ensure that we test for radio coverage in every square foot of the building and resolve issues within any weaker zones.
  • Experience: We have 50 years of fire-safety-industry experience. We will find and resolve the answers to any and all of your questions.
  • Certification: We are licensed and certified by the Fire Department of New York. Our personnel know and understand the Fire Code and Fire Department rule standards that apply to ARCS.
  • Reliability/Availability: We are available, 24/7/365! Our customers never have to worry about our availability.
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    Contact us today for a free estimate and detailed proposal on the testing of your ARC System. Please have the information on hand regarding the age of the system and any specifics you can provide. If you’re unable to provide this information, we’re happy to provide a free estimate and provide you with a detailed proposal to resolve any issues. 

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    We offer 24/7/365 service for commercial or residential ARCS and Fire Sprinkler systems. 

    Question About ARC System Repairs
    How do I know if my ARC system needs to be replaced?

    Sometimes the radio equipment might be past the point of repair and show significant signs of damage. This might make purchasing a new radio more economical and in these instances, we ensure the following:

    • We show you exactly what is wrong.
    • We identify the parts that need to be removed.
    • You receive an estimate for the repair.

    With this information on hand, you are then in a much better position to determine if you want to continue with the repairs or order new equipment. Depending on overall costs, we would advise you with our honest opinion to fit your specific budget and needs.

    Are ARCS repairs complex?

    Resolving the issue may be as simple as a building fire radio repair. Allstate Sprinkler will first begin by inspecting the radio to determine it’s functionality. This provides us with the information we need to troubleshoot and diagnose the problem. Thereafter we can prescribe the right solution and most cost effective method to resolve the issues.

    How do I get started?

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    Our Fire Protection Services
    Fire Sprinkler Installation
    Fire Sprinkler Installation
    We are NYC's leading Fire Sprinkler company with a proven track record for successful installations:
    • We are licensed Master Fire Sprinkler Contractors with over 50 years of experience.
    • Awarded the New York Construction Legacy Award in 2016.
    • We've provided fire sprinkler installation services to more than 5,000 buildings.
    Fire Sprinkler Inspections
    Fire Sprinkler Inspections
    We’re here to help you understand and fully comply with all FDNY inspection requirements.
    • NFPA 25 inspection and testing services
    • 5-year hydrostatic pressure tests of sprinkler/standpipe
    • Blackflow preventer inspection
    • Internal Pipe Obstruction Inspection
    • Prompt correction of all FDNY violations
    Fire Sprinkler Repairs
    Fire Sprinkler Repairs
    The FDNY has strict requirements about who can repair fire sprinkler systems. These repairs are often found during an NFPA 25 inspection and may include:
    • Repairing valves or fire pump.
    • Replacement of sprinkler heads.
    • New standpipes.
    • Riser repair or replacement.
    Fire Sprinkler Violation
    Fire Sprinkler Violation
    Many building owners are faced with receiving a Notice of Violation from the FDNY. If you act immediately, these fines can usually be avoided or substantially reduced.
    • We have an outstanding reputation with the FDNY
    • Once you choose us to assist you with answering the Notice of Violation, you’ll see firsthand how we make the process as easy and seamless as possible.
    24/7 Emergency Service
    24/7 Emergency Service
    We are an emergency based fire sprinkler contractor serving all 5 boroughs of NYC plus Westchester and Long Island.
    • We perform emergency repair calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!
    • Over the past 5 decades, we've faced every scenario and are here to service your building when an emergency situation occurs.
    Fire Sprinkler Testing
    Fire Sprinkler Testing
    There are code requirements for 5-year hydrostatic testing of standpipes and sprinkler systems according to NFPA standards 25 and 13.
    •  We perform 5-Year hydrostatic pressure tests on a daily basis with Fire Department personnel.
    • If you've been served with a violation from the FDNY or ECB, we will assist you with all the necessary paperwork, testing and repairs to satisfy these violations.
    Installation, Repair, Inspection, Violation Correction
    50 Years of Experience in the Industry

    We offer a complete fire protection solution for commercial and residential buildings.

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