FDNY Radio System Inspection

In 2014, the City of New York passed legislation that requires all newly constructed high rise buildings to be built with an FDNY Auxiliary Radio Communication Systems (ARCS) and have it tested regularly. According to the New York Building Code sections 403.4.4 and 907.2.13.2, this includes residential buildings over 100 feet tall and commercial buildings over 75 feet tall. An Auxiliary Radio Communication System provides a dedicated communication medium for the First Responders while responding to the emergency in that particular building.

The First Responders, including the FDNY, NYPD, EMTs, FBI, CIA, Port Authority PD, and the Federal Secret Service are able to communicate via a frequency spectrum that is exclusive to their equipment. Regular, monthly testing of an Auxiliary Radio Communication System ensures that the communication systems work exactly as they are designed.

Without a routine and thorough testing of this life saving system, building owners might discover faulty connections or defective equipment during a true emergency. Fire spreads rapidly through a building and leaves no time to discover what is wrong with the system and attempt to fix it. Therefore, the FDNY conducts routine inspections of your Auxiliary Radio Communication Systems to ensure it functions as designed.

FDNY Radio System Regulations

According to the City of New York, property managers should schedule daily inspections of the unit by on-site professionals. The FDNY also completes an annual inspection requiring an annual certification. There is also the five-year re-certification process for the entire radio system. Failure to comply might lead to violation fines and fees. The City of New York also requires that a licensed individual oversees the testing process. This professional must hold a Certificate of Fitness issued by the FDNY. This person oversees the testing process and holds the prerequisite skills pertaining to New York City’s Fire Code, Building Code and the standards that are applicable to each ARCS test.

ARCS Inspection Services Provided by Allstate Sprinkler

Receiving a Notice of Violation from the FDNY for non-compliant systems can become a tedious issue to resolve. The best way forward is to get it right the first time. To assist with this, Allstate Sprinkler tests your systems for you in the same way the Fire Department would. This prepares you for what needs to be done, why and how. Should we discover any problems along the way, we work with you to resolve these before the Fire Department completes its own test of the system. It’s important for all property managers to note the following:

  • The older the building and the older the ARC System is, the more likely it is that it will have problems from time to time.
  • Identifying what tends to cause these problems reduces the likelihood of them occurring when the Fire Department conducts its test.
  • It is always less costly to resolve the issue ahead of time than to wait for the Fire Department to discover it and issue violations.

As questions and concerns arise along the way, our team is ready and willing to answer them. Our goal is to help you feel as confident about your systems’ passing of the inspection on the 1st attempt.

Why Choose Allstate Sprinkler

When it comes to FDNY ARCS inspection professionals, Allstate Sprinkler has a dedicated team of professionals who are focused on earning your business, earning your trust and being your ARCS partner for the inspection, testing, installation and repairs of these systems.

We have accomplished the following:

  • Successfully serviced, inspected and tested over 5,000 facilities’ sprinkler systems.
  • Currently holds a Certificate of Fitness and ARCS license with the FDNY.
  • Employ a team of over 150 qualified team members with all necessary certifications
  • Provided high-quality service to clients throughout New York City for the past
    50+ years.

Over the past 5 decades, we have gained experience working within all types of facilities including: retail, luxury condos, casinos, airports, prisons, colleges , hospitals, theaters, nursing homes, hotels, dormitories, playhouse and many, many more. Our commitment to excellent service earned us a reputation as one of the most reliable, thorough and responsive FDNY Auxiliary Radio Communication System inspection specialists.

We respect your time and treat it with the value it deserves. In fact, in April, one customer said, “Once on site, they are amazingly swift and finish their jobs timely and professionally”.

Schedule an FDNY ARCS Test and Inspection Today

To ensure you get the best possible service from our team, please gather the following information: The age of the building; the age of the ARCS; any issues the system has demonstrated; and any prior violations your building received. We then work with you to schedule an appointment. Call us for more information at 718-524-3174 or use the contact form provided on this page.