Commercial Sprinkler System Inspections Manhattan

If you’re a business owner in need of commercial sprinkler system inspections in Manhattan, look no further than the experts at Allstate Sprinkler Corp. We bring over 40 years of experience and will have your business up-to-date with all protection codes or take care of any violation received. At Allstate Sprinkler Sprinkler Corp., we supply commercial sprinkler system inspections in Manhattan and all of New York City.

Commercial Sprinkler System Inspections

FDNY and insurance company underwriters have now fully embraced this new standard and is positioned to aggressively assure compliance for all applicable facilities with law NFPA 25. The new law now makes every building owner legally responsible for ensuring that all NFPA 25 inspections, testing and servicing intervals are performed by a licensed individual. In addition, the licensed individual details records of same are maintained for a minimum of three years and are readily available for inspection by the New York City Fire Department at any given moment. At Allstate Sprinkler Corp., we have customized computer software to help assure that your facility is in compliance and that the inevitable fines and potential liability for not adhering to NFPA 25 can be avoided.

Safety and protection

When it comes to commercial sprinkler system inspections in Manhattan, it’s important to realize that your building is protected by a sprinkler system as well as how it works if needed. Our staff can demonstrate to you the working components of your sprinkler system. In addition, we will provide you with any additional information that may clarify any myths or questions you may have about the system.

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