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Commercial Fire Sprinkler Installation

Whether it be minor repairs, interior alterations, retrofits of existing structures, or the construction of a new hi-rise building, Allstate Sprinkler Corp. is prepared to complete any sized project. We have successfully worked within all types of commercial, industrial, institutional and warehouse facilities. Our projects are designed and installed in strict accordance with the rules and regulations of the National Fire Protection Association's standard #13 as well as the New York City Building and Fire Departments' requirements.

The following are types of fire suppression systems and components we install and service in order to meet our customer's needs:

• Wet / Dry systems                     
• Preaction sprinkler systems - Single / Double Interlocked            
• Rack storage systems         
• ESFR (Early Suppression Fast Response) sprinkler systems          
• Roof and ground storage tank installations                 
• Special hazard systems                      
• Underground fire lines              
• Centrifugal and vertical fire pump installations and upgrades

We have the technology to perform and calculate hydraulic requirements and generate a materials list from a set of drawings.

Our company vehicles and job-site "gang" boxes contain the most modern tools and equipment in order to perform the installation process of threading, grooving and welding in a safe and accurate manner.

Constant training through American Fire Sprinkler Association apprenticeship programs and other organizations to ensure our technicians are always trained in the latest technologies available.

Commercial Fire Sprinkler Installation in NYC

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