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A properly installed, maintained, inspected, and functioning sprinkler systems in Brooklyn from Allstate Sprinkler Corp. in a building that is experiencing a fire is the first response to a fire before the fire department ever shows up. Large losses of life and property are practically nonexistent in buildings in Brooklyn equipped with a properly operating sprinkler system.

Fire suppression sprinkler systems: A firefighter's best friend

Fire Engineering magazine reports that full-scale live fire tests carried out in several countries during the latter half of the 20th century have shown that automatic fire sprinklers can make significant contributions to the improvement of conditions in fire-involved environments in Brooklyn. This is done by lowering temperatures, diluting fire gases, and improving visibility, substantially increasing the time available to occupants of a burning building to successfully evacuate the premises.

Worldwide statistics on fires and losses virtually agree that

  • In approximately 70 percent of fires that occur in sprinkler-protected properties (where the system is properly maintained and functional), three sprinklers were sufficient to contain and control the fires.
  • In 90 percent of fires, 10 sprinklers were able to contain and control the fires, impeding greater property losses and contributing to life safety.

Every day, more properties are being protected by these "mechanical firefighters”.  Properties include commercial shopping complexes, warehouses, factories, hotels, office buildings, and residencies. In many cases, the activated sprinkler systems in Brooklyn will control the fire. Yet, without direct water contact, sprinklers may not completely extinguish a fire. For example, in a warehouse, inventory may be stored on shelves that block water from the sprinklers reaching the burning material. Firefighters need to be ready with hand lines to extinguish any remaining fires. If a sprinkler system is having difficulty controlling the fire, hose lines working at strategic locations can supplement the sprinkler system to extinguish any remaining fires.

With an operating fire sprinkler system in Brooklyn, firefighting efforts are facilitated and the risk to firefighters is significantly reduced. The primary tactic in a sprinkler-protected building is to let the system do its job while supporting the system. Firefighting efforts can then be directed toward maintaining the system in a full- operational status, while laying backup lines for additional approaches to the fire.

Allstate Sprinklers Corp. are experts in sprinkler systems. If you have any questions pertaining to commercial fire sprinkler systems, residential fire sprinkler systems, fire system installations, fire system repairs, fire department sprinkler testing, the hydrostatic pressure test, or sprinkler systems in Brooklyn, Manhattan, NYC, Bronx, Queens, or Long Island, contact Allstate Sprinklers Corp. at: (718) 597-4060.

     Are you a resident, or do you own a commercial business in the New York City area?

     If so you may want to consider fire sprinkler installation for your space.

Did you know? Automatic fire sprinkler systems:

  • Reduce the risk of death/injury
  • Reduce property damage
  • Are relatively inexpensive

     Although there are a number of benefits to getting a fire sprinkler system installed, many people are still unsure about it. To help you get informed, we've compiled a list of commonly asked questions.

Allstate Sprinkler Corporation performs field acceptance testing of newly installed as well as existing sprinkler systems and fire pumps. These tests demonstrate that your sprinkler system and fire pumps are performing according to the manufacturers' specifications. The fire pump and insurance testing works to ensure that you’re receiving the correct amount of water necessary for the correct functioning of your sprinkler system.

Insurance tests and fire pump performance tests can deteriorate over time or be affected by impairments to water supplies. It’s important for you to have a regular insurance testing in order to identify any problems with your system, ensuring that the sprinkler system and fire pump are able to operate when you need it.

Your Fire Pump is the Heart of Your Fire Protection System

Why is it essential to test and maintain a fire pump regularly?
The importance of your fire pump works to reinforce the public water supply when a public water main is unable to provide the necessary volume or pressure your automatic sprinkler system needs to work. If the water demand surpasses the capability of the water supply, or if no water is available, your fire pump will need to be able to start promptly during any emergency.

Your Fire Pump Needs Constant Care
It is critical for you to establish a regular fire pump inspection, testing, and maintenance check to ensure the proper function of your fire pump.

Check Up Weekly:

  • Valves + Piping: Check your fire pump’ suction, discharge and bypass valves to ensure that they’re open and piping is free of leaks. (in most cases, the fire pump valves should be locked)
  • Pump Control: Check your system’s fire alarm conditions; that the controller is in automatic start mode.
  • Pressure Relief: Verify that your relief valves are operating properly. This means that water should not be flowing through them; relief valves are designed to keep water pressure from exceeding the system’s design pressure in the event a pump driver experiences an over-speed condition, or if the public water supply pressure increases.
  • Pump Cooling: Check the water flow. Slight leakage is normal and indicates water lubrication and cooling is adequate. Also check the pump casing and bearing for overheating or any signs of excess vibration.
  • Water Supply: During colder weather, make sure heat is provided to the supply lines and the suction source. For open bodies of water, check the suction intake for any possible obstructions. Verify during any drought or dry conditions have no significantly reduced the water supply. For public supply booster pumps, check of valves on the suction line.
  • Pump Room Temperatures: Check your pump room temperatures, making sure they are at the correct temperature appropriate for your fire pump system.
  • Diesel Engines: Make sure your engine is clean, dry and running smoothly

Check up Monthly:

  • Check level and specific gravity of the diesel engine battery electrolytes
  • Check for corrosion of diesel engine batter terminals and condition of cable lines and connections

Many building projects throughout New York City must comply with a standpipe Hydrostatic pressure testing, and Allstate Sprinklers can help! If you have any questions or concerns about the Fire Pump testing in your building, or the Insurance Testing in NYC call us at 718-597-4060.


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Allstate Sprinkler Corp. is proud to say that they’re able to provide service to thousands of buildings throughout the entire tri-state area. Their sprinkler inspections and tests are able to provide you with a comfort in knowing that your sprinkler system has not been subject to any vandalism, deterioration or in-house maintenance problems.

A few steps to help you prepare for your fire sprinkler inspection

Preparation is Important to Passing Your Fire Sprinkler Inspection:
•    Meeting with the inspector before your fire inspection may be in your best interest in order to ask what items the inspector will be looking for.
•    Give the fire inspector copies of your fire system or equipment inspection, testing, and maintenance reports. Reviewing these reports with the inspector before the actual inspection is important to provide any issues noted previously had been corrected.
•    Make sure to have a responsible person available to accompany the fire inspector with keys to all areas, and take notes. These notes will help give you additional insight toward the inspector’ thought process, and may be able to provide you with valuable information for your future fire sprinkler inspections.

Preparing for an annual inspection is important toward developing a good working relationship with the fire inspector and gaining positive results. Using a general checklist can help you prepare for the inspection.

Inspection contracts are designed to review a multi-point checklist during each of your sprinkler inspections. This method of inspection permits to provide a thorough and well-documented account of the status of your sprinkler system(s).

Keep your fire sprinkler system well maintained for the safety of your building

It’s very important for your staff to realize and recognize that your building is protected by a sprinkler system, as well as how it works if necessary. Allstate Sprinkler Corporation is able to demonstrate to both you and your staff the working components of your fire sprinkler system during your sprinkler inspection, while also providing you with any information that may clarify any questions or concerns you may have.

The Allstate fire sprinkler systems do not "just go off". Most of the sprinkler accidents take place from:
•    Extreme cold weather conditions
•    Lack of heat
•    Vandalism
•    Other unfortunate accidents

Allstate Sprinkler Corp. performs all preventative measures during their fire sprinkler inspection in order to avoid any problems that could exist within your system(s).

Why do you need to have a routine fire sprinkler inspection?
At Allstate Sprinkler Corp., you can rest assured that your sprinkler system will have the right working capacity and always be fire ready when you need it. Our routine inspections are able to evaluate and test your sprinkler system in order to assure you and our team at Allstate that your facility is being maintained properly, and that your fire sprinkler will function as it is designed.

Schedule your next fire sprinkler inspection with Allstate Sprinkler Corp. so you can be prepared for with any questions or concerns toward your sprinkler system.

The Allstate Sprinkler Corp. is extremely concerned with knowing that your sprinkler system is fire ready and prepared to function as designed. You’ll be provided the service and respect that our customers have depended on for many years.

By definition, it is impossible to make any building completely fireproof. But, let’s give this a little bit of thought; because we all need to be sure we are taking the proper steps in order to prevent fire hazards within our home and workplace.

Whether you’re working at a hospital, real estate management firm, or a school, there is always a risk of fire. It’s important to take the right precautions in order to prevent a fire.

Fire prevention in your workplace consists of 4 steps:

  1. Implement a program that includes proportion, prevention, and recognition of fire hazards.
  2. Make sure you practice proper handling of combustible and flammable material.
  3. Maintain safe housekeeping practices that reduce the risk of fire danger.
  4. Always keep adequate fire suppression in your work area to extinguish fire before it goes out of control


General Safety Measures

  • Don’t pile or lay any material in a way that covers or blocks access to firefighting equipment
  • Make sure to use only approved containers for the separation and disposal of combustible refuse. Remember to always replace the lid.
  • Never store flammable materials within 10ft. of a building or other structure.
  • Stack and pile all materials in orderly and stable piles
  • Never let unnecessary combustible materials get accumulated in any part of your work area.
  • More periodic clean-up of entire work site and keep grass and weeds under control
  • Regularly dispose of combustible debris and scrap from your work area
  • Use only approved containers and tanks for storage, handling, and transport of combustible and flammable liquid
  • Always perform evaluation procedures before performing operations that present fire hazards like wielding

Allstate Sprinkler Corp. is an emergency based fire suppression contractor in New York City that knows how to handle any and all emergency situations. With Allstate, we recommend that you always stay aware of your fire safety systems; they’ll work for you to help prevent any serious fire emergencies and the damage it can leave behind for your Real Estate Management Firm.


You’re building is not fireproof, but our Allstate Sprinklers work to make it so!

You can be assured that Allstate Sprinkler Corp. will make every attempt in order to answer your emergency call as quickly as possible. We will also make every attempt in order to calm you on the telephone during any emergency situation. Allstate Sprinkler Corp. will help you -- every day at any time!!

Our hands-on experience will guide you through the necessary steps in order to alleviate an emergency situation.

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